Will appear in handcuffs if summoned in sedition case: AJK PM

By: INP      Published: 10:57 PM, 11 Oct, 2020
Will appear in handcuffs if summoned in sedition case: AJK PM

Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider said Sunday that if he was summoned for a probe regarding the sedition FIR registered against him and other PML-N leaders, the prime minister said he would appear for the investigation in handcuffs.

“I was hurt when I got to know about the [sedition] FIR,” he said, speaking during a private TV programme. “If three-fourths of the PDM’s representatives are Modi’s agents, then a question is raised on Pakistan’s existence.”

Haider said that he had not asked anyone to exclude his name from the FIR, adding that the development was ‘unfortunate’. “If I am summoned for the [sedition] probe, will arrive in my government car with handcuffs on,” he said.

Saying that he would live and die in Pakistan, the AJK prime minister said that Pakistan was where his future lay. He said that his spirits would not be lowered, adding that his affiliation with the country would further strengthen.

He said that it was not possible for a common man to have included such provisions in the sedition FIR. “They didn’t even have the courtesy to apologise to me over a telephone call,” he said.

Haider said that the prime minister of Pakistan, regardless of whoever assumed the mantle, was respectable in the eyes of the AJK government. However, he said that when the prime minister himself says that Modi is behind the opposition, then such FIRs are registered.

“This FIR is evidence of moral bankruptcy and enmity against the state,” he said. “Even the Mader-e-Millat (Mother of the Nation) was declared a traitor. Developments such as these weaken a nation,’ he added.

Talking about last month’s All Parties Conference (APC), the AJK prime minister said that discussions were held only on how to ensure Pakistan functioned according to law.

Haider said that he had not decided yet about participating directly in the PDM’s movement against the government. “The government of Pakistan has not taken steps according to the people’s expectations after Modi’s August 5 move,” he said.