Homage to hero

By: News Desk      Published: 02:40 AM, 11 Oct, 2021
Homage to hero

Senior journalists and analysts have paid tribute to national hero Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan for his lifelong services for the motherland.

During the 24NewsHD TV channel programme, DNA, Salim Bokhari, Iftikhar Ahmed, PJ Mir and Javed Iqbal shed light on his contribution to making the country's defence impregnable.

Heaping praised on Dr AQ Khan, Salim Bokhari said the atomic scientist dedicated his life to bring in the best missile and nuclear capability.

In response to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's question about who could give the nation an atomic bomb, Dr AQ Khan said yes and proved his mettle by making the country a nuclear power, Salim Bokhari recalled.

Iftikhar Ahmed recalled the early days of Dr AQ Qadeer when he took charge of the nuclear programme with limited resources, he did not have a vehicle.  He bought a vehicle and then contacted Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Iftikhar Ahmad said.

PJ Mir said that Dr AQ Khan said in an interview that he had the remedy to get electricity problems fixed, but to no avail.  Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf thwarted American's attempts to arrest the national nuclear scientist, he added.

Paying tribute to the legend, Javed Iqbal said Dr AQ Khan preferred serving the motherland and Ummah to becoming rich by going to any developed state. He will be remembered, Javed Iqbal said, adding that the death was an irreparable loss to the nation.

During the programme, Taliban and US talks in Doha also came under discussion. Salim Bokhari said despite the economic difficulties and pressure, the Taliban leaders have told the United States that they do not need US help to fight ISIS and they are capable of dealing with them.

They will now take dictation from anyone and will not come under any pressure but will make their own decisions. PJ Mir said that this is not a laudable attitude. The world is not recognising the Taliban government and they are not ready to show flexibility which could be detrimental to them, he added.

Javed Iqbal said the Taliban in Doha urged the US to release $9 billion to meet economic needs. During the programme, the senior journalists and analysts also took up the plight of people. They came hard on the government for its failure to provide the people with relief. They said such a situation could result in leaving the people in the lurch.