MUKHTARA tests positive!

By: Maqbool Ahmad      Published: 10:33 PM, 12 Jun, 2020
MUKHTARA tests positive!
Chan (L) and Mukhtara

Mukhtar Bajwa, popularly known to social media users as Mukhtara, has tested positive for coronavirus.

Mukhtar has been working as assistant to Nadeem Afzal Chan, spokesperson for the prime minister of Pakistan, for years. Recently, a WhatsApp conversation between Mukhtar and Chan went viral on the social media. In that conversation, Chan was heard warning Mukhtar about the spread of coronavirus in the country and telling him to stay home and save his family from the virus. This conversation took place against the backdrop of Mukhtar’s request to Chan to help him organise a local sports event.

On Friday, Chan confirmed in a video message on twitter that Mukhtar has tested positive for coronavirus. He advised people to stay home and not to be negligent like Mukhtar. He says that virus is a reality and there is nothing political about it. He says there is a need to educate people about the virus.

Mukhtar is also seen in the video saying he did his best to stay safe, but he could not. He says the situation is really bad. Apparently, he looks in a bad shape.

A couple of weeks after their WhatsApp conversation went viral and Chan’s warning to Mukhtar became the most popular catchphrase on the social media, Chan shot a video with Mutkhar and posted it on his YouTube channel. This video too became an instant hit and people liked the light conversation between the two.