Best ‘Kashmir the Band’ songs that need to be part of your playlist!

By: News Desk
Published: 02:46 PM, 12 May, 2020
Best ‘Kashmir the Band’ songs that need to be part of your playlist!
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They came, they sang, and they conquered. Kashmir the Band’s has been an amazing journey in Pakistan’s music scene right from the first appeared in Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Though it was their win that opened great new avenues for the band, their unique sound and live energy is what caught everyone’s eye right from the beginning. It was after a while that Pakistan saw an alternative rock band with this potential that lived up to its expectations.

So, for this very reason, we are counting down the top 5 tracks by these boys that need to be part of your playlist.

1.       Kaghaz Ka Jahaz

An upbeat and fun song that actually showed the band’s true potential in terms of the music they can make. ‘Kaghaz Ka Jahaz’ hits that sweet spot that makes you bob your head to the music. It also earned the boys an award at the Lux Style Awards for Best Emerging Talent.

2.       Pari

‘Pari’ is anything but a fairytale. The band really showed their potential to make meaningful music, with this song that came as an ode to those fighting depression. The tempo, the lyrics, and the visuals complement each other perfectly and you can close your eyes and listen to the soft vocals reminding you that you aren’t alone.

3.       Dhoop

Laced with a burning sense of longing, Dhoop is a song that will make you lose your train of thoughts as you listen to it. The visuals and the contagious rhythm doesn’t take away from the lyrics as all bind together to give ‘Dhoop’ that perfect balance.

4.       Parwana Hun

Accompanied by a thought-provoking music video, ‘Parwana Hun’ is about the sad reality of our fear for the unknown. The band manages to create the perfect melody and rhythm for this catchy song with a depth in the lyrics that make you think as you listen to it.

5.       Khwaab

Khwaab packs a punch with the highly conceptualized music video and the melancholic feel to the song. With impactful lyrics, powerful vocals, and the signature Kashmir style, with Khwaab, the band entered a territory that was everything Kashmir and managed to prove their worth as independent artists.