Worked very hard for ‘Muqaddar’, says Faysal Quraishi

Published: 01:27 PM, 13 Mar, 2020
Worked very hard for ‘Muqaddar’, says Faysal Quraishi
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TV actor, producer and host Faysal Quraishi has been having another great year in the entertainment Industry.

With outstanding performances in one drama after another over the years, this beloved household name has garnered much love from his fans all over the world.

The actor has played various roles; from negative characters to positive characters, with sheer perfection and never fails to impress his audience every time.

Talking to 24NewsHD, Faysal said: “Acting is very important to me. I always give all that I have as an actor but worked particularly hard in ‘Muqaddar.’ Audience reaction to the first episode has been overwhelmingly positive. I am very happy with the feedback I have received thus far and hope that people will continue to like ‘Muqaddar’.

When asked about his motivation behind taking up this project, Faysal opines, “I had a lot of reasons to take this project. The script, direction, production and of course the characters, it was all great.”

Faysal Quraishi is playing lead role, along with young talented Madiha Imam, and the handsome Ali Ansari in prominent roles, Muqaddar is a play that revolves around feudalism and its atrocities.

Written by Iqbal Bano, and directed by Shehrazade Shaikh, the story is mainly about how Raima, an RJ, becomes a victim of a feudal lord Saif ur Rehman, played by Faysal Quraishi.

The story so far has been quite captivating and fast-paced. Just a couple of episodes down and a lot have happened in the drama.

Raima, a lovely happy girl, is an orphan who lives with her uncle’s family. She is an RJ and is shown to be very much in love with her cousin Haris, played by Ali Ansari.

The two cousins share a sweet relationship with each other and are engaged with the plan to be married soon.

On the other hand, Raima also has a secret admirer Saad in her university, but when he finds out about her engagement, he is heart-broken.

Then enters Sardar Saif ur Rehman, who is a landlord, who dabbles in philanthropy to maintain a facade of being civilized. However, at heart, he’s as much a villain as he claims not to be. When Saif ur Rehman first sees Raima during an interview, she is talking for her radio show, a womanizer like him cannot control falling for her.

The young, educated, and smart girl is a complete opposite of his wife, and hence, without wasting any time, he starts planning how to make her a part of his life. He calls Raima’s uncle to his office and asks for Raima’s hand in marriage, but he refuses. But of course, a feudal lord and industrialist like Sardar Saif ur Rehman is not born to take no for an answer and gives him a 3-day ultimatum. He has now gotten Raima kidnapped and left us wondering what he plans to do next.

The actor as Sardar Saif is a man in power with remorseless egos and the drive to dominate whoever he pleases. And he is about to turn Raima’s life upside down in the coming episodes and we can’t wait to see how.

Faizan Javed

Faizan Javed is Lifestyle Editor at 24 News (Digital).