Is Meera Jee mentally stable? Here’s what Shamoon Abbasi thinks 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:46 PM, 13 Oct, 2021
Is Meera Jee mentally stable? Here’s what Shamoon Abbasi thinks 

Actor, director and screenwriter Shamoon Abbasi has shed light on how actress Meera’s mental health shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In a long impactful note with a warning for trolls to abstain from useless criticism, Shamoon has stated that Meera might be in dire need of immediate attention and the actor thinks that Meera might be in a rough patch either emotionally or financially.

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According to reports, Meera had previously asked the government for funds to make a film otherwise she threatened that she would commit suicide.

Shamoon stated: “She is someone who has entertained us for decades no matter what her personal life or issues are, we shall be able to stand with her and request the "new Pakistan" authorities to provide her a chance to sit with the authorities and discuss what is that she needs or require to move forward. Millions of dollars are being spent and invested in many sectors in Pakistan and I'm sure just financing a film doesn't take that much. We don't want to regret one day and read these kind of posts and feel bad and think we took it as a joke.”

Meera Jee has taken to her Instagram handle to profess her stance regarding mental health and the actress stated: “Mental health is something we all are deprived from in the country we work in and the industry we are supposed to be stars of so the more awareness we raise the better it is for all of us. Remember depression is just a slump you have to get back up or nobody else will for you.”

May our favourite Meera Jee face whatever difficulties are coming her way with utter determination and strength. 

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