Baby Alyana disrupts dad Falak’s rose deliveries for mom Sarah Khan 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:35 AM, 12 Oct, 2021
Baby Alyana disrupts dad Falak’s rose deliveries for mom Sarah Khan 

One of the most viral news on the internet lately: Baby Alyana’s birth however as revealed by the singer, he isn’t able to bring a storm of roses to the house as the doctor has instructed to keep the baby away from flowers. This means actress Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir’s ROSE TALE is coming to an end now? Or maybe will be paused for a bit?

A very ‘naughty’ social media user tagged Falak Shabir in a picture which comprised of a man holding a gigantic bouquet of roses and then captioned the picture: ‘Falak Shabir feeling now’ however the Pakistani rock star addressed the dire situation and revealed that he isn’t able to do the grand gesture for Alyana as the doctor has advised against flowers for the new-born.

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But fret not. As it particularly portrayed that the couple’s rose updates might face a hindrance, Falak has emerged on the internet with another video in which he has yet again brought the FAMOUS RED ROSE for his wife while Sarah Khan holds the little stunner. But didn’t the Pakistani star just shed light on how flowers might be a big NO while Alyana’s young? 

Falak captioned the video: “Baby ke liye tou doctor ne mana kia hai but wife ke liay tou phool ayenge” (Doctor has instructed against flowers for the baby but my wife will certainly be welcomed with roses).

We get that Falak. However isn’t Alyana present right there? 

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Actress Sarah Khan and singer Falak Shabir’s chemistry is always quite appreciated by the netizen community and the couple enjoys massive popularity due to being avid social media users after gaining widespread recognition as showbiz members. 

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