Rambo forced me to visit Greater Iqbal Park, meet fans: TikToker Ayesha 

By: News Desk      Published: 07:15 PM, 13 Oct, 2021
Rambo forced me to visit Greater Iqbal Park, meet fans: TikToker Ayesha 

TikToker Ayesha Akram has blamed Rambo for blackmailing her for more than two years after he got hands-on her ‘private’ video. 

In an interview with 24News on Wednesday, she said he was blackmailing her, not only himself but also he got involved three other people to blackmail me. “One of them is Khan Baba and his wife Anaya and Rambo, there all were together. And, there are two other unknown boys as I had been receiving calls from unknown numbers,” she said. 

Sometime earlier, she said, they got my ‘private video’ with her fiancé and because of that video, they had been blackmailing her. “I even cannot say it openly how they have been blackmailing her. And this, I have already told the agencies with proof,” she said. 

“I and Rambo have been making a video for almost three years. Initially, we were just TikTok partners and nothing else as I was in a relationship at that time. Later on, he got my ‘private video’. That video was my weakness, she told.  

“Rambo is illiterate and unemployed and he has a wife and kids. I have a different field and I get a handsome salary. Rambo is the guy who had been using me like a puppet on TikTok as well,” she further said. 

On the question about extorting money from the accused of the greater Iqbal Park molestation incident, Ayesha said that she did not take it. She said she did not know the planning of Rambo, adding that he had forced her to go there and meet the fans. 

She said during a recording when she asked Rambo to film everything was because there were some Youtubers who always played a negative side of the story. 

On the question of Rs100,000 sent by Waqar Zakar to Ayesha, she said he just wanted to help me so he sent her the money.