Military rescues 23 more flood-hit people as relief operation goes on

By: News Desk
Published: 11:54 AM, 13 Sep, 2022
A flood affectee wades through a river on his motorcycle in Swat region.–AFP
Caption: A flood affectee wades through a river on his motorcycle in Swat region.–AFP
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Another 23 flood-stricken people have been evacuated through a number of military helicopter flights across the country as relief and rescue operation continued in flood-hit areas, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

According to a statement released by the National Flood Response Coordination Centre (NFRCC) on Tuesday, so far 498 Army aviation helicopters’ sorties have been flown to various areas for evacuation of stranded people.

Weather Forecast

During the last 24 hours, rain-wind/thundershower with isolated heavy rainfall occurred in Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, upper Punjab, upper KP, north Balochistan, south and eastern Sindh. Hot and humid weather persisted elsewhere in the county. Yesterday’s highest maximum temperature recorded at Dalbandin and Sibi 42C while in RY Khan and Lasbela it was 41C.

In next 24 hours, rain-wind/thundershower is expected in Sindh, KP, eastern Balochistan, upper/central Punjab, GB and Kashmir.

Damages of Infrastructure & Private Properties

During last 24 hours, no infrastructure damage was reported. A total of 6674.7kms of roads and 269 bridges have been damaged.

Most-affected Districts

Worst-affected districts of Sindh include Qambar Shahdad Kot, Jacobabad, Larkana, Khairpur, Dadu, Noshero Feroz, Thatta and Badin.

In Balochistan, districts include Quetta, Naseerabad, Jafarabad, Jhal Magsi, Bolan, Sohbatpur and Lesbela.

KP districts include Dir, Swat, Charsadda, Kohistan, Tank and DI Khan and in Punjab districts include DG Khan and Rajanpur. 

Army Relief Efforts

Aviation Efforts

So far 498 Army aviation helicopters sorties have been flown to various areas for evacuation of stranded people. In last 24 hours, nine sorties have been flown and evacuated 23 stranded individuals and delivered 6.8 Tons of relief items to the flood affectees. Moreover, uptil now 4483 stranded Individuals have been evacuated through helicopter sorties.

Relief Camps/ Relief Items Collection Points

So far 147 Relief Camps and 284 Relief Collection points in Sindh, South Punjab and Balochistan have been established across the country for flood affectees.


Uptil now 7823.3 Tons of food items along with 1177.2 Tons of sustenance items and 7007558 medicine items have been collected so far. However, 7541.4 Tons of food 1123.6 Tons of sustenance items and 6845998 medicine items have been distributed uptil now. 

Foreign Donations

Foreign donors including Turkiye donated 12 flights of 4008 Tons Food Packets, 1000 Baby Food Packets, 460 Tents, 864 Kitchen Set, 2000 Bedding, 50 Boats, 1000 Hygiene Boxes, 2.63 Tons Food items & 15.6 Ton Medicines.

UAE donated 29 flights of 126.2 Tons Food Items, 3748 Food Packets, 1000 Tents, 1000 Bedding & 6.9 Ton Medicines. China donated 6 flights of 3000+2339 Tents through commercial flight. Belgium donated 300 Tents, Japan donated 2 flights of 588 Tents and 306 Tarpaulin, Uzbekistan donated one flight of 25 Tons Food Items and 9 Ton Bedding, Qatar donated 3 flights of 5 Tons of Medicines, 291 x Pillows, 300 x Blankets, 306 x Maters, Established a Field Hospital, 2 x Field Ambulances and 2 x Vehicles carrying Medical Equipment, 3 x Stretchers, 4 x Shoes USA donated 6 x flights of 14,460 x Kitchen Sets and 2880 Plastic Sheets, France donated 1 x flight of 204 x Tents, 208 x Kitchen Set, 1125 x Bedding, 422 x Hygiene Boxes and 78 x Water Pumps, 70 x Motor Pump Pipes, 8 x Pers Medical Team/ 4 x Pers Dewatering,  Jordan donated 1 x flight of 500 x Tiffin Boxes, 16 x Tents, 52 x Bales of Clothes, 2 x Bales of Comforters, 350 x Food Packets, 15 x Blankets, 3000 x First Aid Kits, 90 x Plastic Jarry Cans, 102 x Mattress, 101 x Pillow Foam, 280 x Rechargeable Lights, 31 x Baby Food Packets, 2 x Kitchen Set, 179 x Bedding and 10 x Medicines Boxes, Denmark donated 1 x flight of 7 x Water Filtration Unit and Turkmenistan donated 1 x flight of 40 x Bags of Atta, 60 x bags Dall, 40 x Bags Pasta, 324 x clothing items, 400 x Medical Boxes, 2612 x misc Toiletries, UNICEF donated 2 x flights of medical support/relief items and school kits, UNHCR donated 7 x flights of Relief items/ UNHCR Goods, WFP donated 7 x flights of Relief items, and RC donated 2 x flights of relief items.

Medical Relief

More than 300 medical camps established so far in which more than 120,785 patients have been treated all across the country and provided 3-5 days’ free medicine.

Pakistan Navy Relief and Rescue Efforts

Pakistan Navy established 04 x Flood Relief centers and 18 x Central Collection Points all across the country. These collection centers have distributed 1324 tons ration, 3697 x tents & 548,577 liters mineral water in various districts. In addition, 05 x tent cities have also been established where 9461 Personnel have been accommodated. Moreover, PN's 23 x Emergency Response teams (ERTs) deployed in 10 x districts have rescued 14607 x stranded personnel. These ERTs are equipped with 54 x motorized boats and 02 x Hovercraft. Hovercraft is a unique platform, which can be operated both in water and land and is considered most suitable platform for such kind of Operations. PN has also deployed 02 x helicopters in interior Sindh. Uptill now, in 52 x sorties, these helicopters rescued 465 x stranded people and distributed 3640 packets of ration. 08 x Diving Teams of Pak Navy have also carried out 26 x Diving Ops in affected areas across the Pakistan. PN has also established 60 x Medical Camps in which 41848 x patients have been treated till to date.

Pakistan Air Force Relief and Rescue Efforts

Pakistan Air Force has provided 4848 Tents, 288071 Food packages, 2775 Tons of ration, for the flood affectees. Moreover, PAF has established 45 Medical Camps where 51840 patients have been treated so far. 20 Tent cities and 54 relief camps have also been established. PAF also carried out 241 sorties and evacuated 1521 people from the flood affected areas.