Moussavi blames NAB for ‘sabotaging recovery struggle’ 

By: News Desk      Published: 05:29 AM, 14 Jan, 2021
Moussavi blames NAB for ‘sabotaging recovery struggle’ 

Broadsheet CEO Kaveh Moussavi has said that The Pakistan government asked for digging out the stolen money and the firm traced millions of dollars but Pakistan’ National Accountability Bureau sabotaged all the efforts.

NAB spoiled the Broadsheet’s struggle to find the money stolen in 70 years, he stressed while speaking at a 24News programme. He takes a swipe at PM accountability aide Shehzad Akbar, what he called, making false claims and showing no respect for rule of law.

He mentioned his meetings with Shehzad Akbar and rapped him for making false claims and defying rule of law. The firm was close to achieving the target, he said, adding that through a conspiracy theory, it was being dubbed as a ‘fraud company’.

He claimed that they were asked to stop the work and the firm sagged so it moved a London court that gave the verdict in the firm’s favour.

About NAB claims that the foreign asset recovery firm failed to make headway, Moussavi said why the high court asked for paying the Broadsheet if it failed to deliver. About the persons and reason to stop the assignment, he cited the example of finding Sherpao’s hidden asset.

The firm found hidden assets of Sherpao but it was stopped from carrying forward the task, he said adding that Sherpao’s name was removed from the target list and he was made a minister in Pakistan.

About Anjum Dar, he said a person who introduced himself as former premier Nawaz Sharif’s nephew and offered a bribe to drop the probe but he refused. Dar showed some photos with Nawaz Sharif and claimed that he was the nephew of the ex-PM, Moussavi maintained.

Asked if he raised the matter of Dar with the Pakistani government, he said he did through his lawyer and he refused to accept any offer from Nawaz Sharif as he was a condemned person. Citing the Supreme Court verdict he dubbed Nawaz a ‘crook’.

The Broadsheet CEO criticized the people question about proof and evidence, saying that he is not the police that collects evidence and proof.

He came down hard on the local police and the attorney general saying that the Pakistan police and attorney general should be ashamed of asking me questions.