IMF conditions put economic security at risk, says PM Imran

Signs public version of first-ever National Security Policy: Says new policy is common man-centric

By: News Desk      Published: 12:57 PM, 14 Jan, 2022
IMF conditions put economic security at risk, says PM Imran
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Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted that tough IMF conditionalities put at risk Pakistan’s economic security as he signed the public version of the first-ever National Security Policy of Pakistan for the years 2022-2026 at a ceremony in Islamabad on Friday, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The national security policy articulates a citizen-centric framework, placing economic security at its core and seeking a secure and economically resilient Pakistan.

Speaking at the ceremony, Imran Khan said Pakistan, since its evolution, has had a one-dimensional security policy where the focus was on the military. "For the first time, the National Security Division has developed a consensus document which defines national security in a proper way."

The prime minister said the new policy is common-man-centric and aims to protect the vulnerable segments of society.

Imran Khan said they need to realise that their biggest security is when the people become stakeholders and stand up for the country. "And this can be achieved through inclusive growth. We need to develop as a nation, not in sections," he elaborated.

“We need to protect the most vulnerable people,” he emphasised.

Imran Khan regretted that Pakistan never truly understood the concept of a coordinated national security policy that secures the national economy. "You can't secure yourself until and unless your economy is developed. If your economy is in a situation where you have to go to the International Monetary Fund every now and then, it means that your security is at risk," he added. 

Imran Khan explained that a country goes to IMF as its last resort because it provides the cheapest loans. "But then they have demands that you have to fulfil. And these demands compromise your security because you have to put a burden on the people," he said.

Imran Khan added the goal is to now adopt a single-direction approach, whether it's the government, the forces, or the people.

Prime Minister Khan said that an education system develops the nation. "Our education sections comprise a three-tier system, English-medium, Urdu-medium, and madrassahs. Such a system has huge consequences in the society," he averred.

"This education system is based on inequality. This is why we have introduced a single national curriculum for all," he said.

The prime minister further pointed out that Pakistan's biggest problem is the establishment of the rule of law, adding "Massive and developed nations where there was no law for the rich have been reduced to dust."

He said “I have seen all of Switzerland and Austria. I tell you that our northern areas are more beautiful. But, they earn $60 billion from tourism. How do they progress? It is because of rule of law.”

Imran Khan said Pakistan has suffered greatly at the hands of mafias and cartels. "I recently called a meeting of regulators and told them that aren't protecting the people. They told me that there are 900 cases and stay orders against them. This means that the commissions and regulations have been stopped from doing their job. This is how strong mafias are," he disclosed.

The prime minister declared that the national security is multi-dimensional because everyone has to head in one direction.

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Friday said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) wants to bring the nation and state on one track.