Zoya keeps excitement alive in ‘Deewangi’ with her Performance

By: News Desk      Published: 06:46 PM, 14 May, 2020
Zoya keeps excitement alive in ‘Deewangi’ with her Performance

As the story continues to progress in Deewangi, there have been some significant developments in the latest episode that shook us to our core. Narmeen, played by Zoya Nasir, has finally reached an end in the drama, and it was indeed a heartbreaking moment to witness.

For the entirety of the drama, Narmeen, the antagonist, left no chance to have her own way with things. Zoya Nasir portrayed the rise and fall in her moods, the love and hate she felt for Sultan, and the way she handled her parents all brilliantly.

As her character reached its end, the last few moments have been engraved in our minds because of how Zoya Nasir executed this scene.

Sultan had finally found out that she was the reason behind his life falling apart, and he reacts terribly to this new development. We see Narmeen shift from defending herself to feeling angry at Sultan to feeling heartbroken all in a matter of few minutes, and it was truly a stirring few minutes.

The change of facial expressions on her face was truly phenomenal and gave us an insight into the kind of performer Zoya Nasir is.

The actress debuted on our screens last year with a power-packed performance in Hania opposite Junaid Khan that earned her praises from audiences and critics alive. There is a stark difference between both of the characters she performed then and now, and it shows her range as an actor.

Though Narmeen’s story has reached its end, the aftermath of what she did and what now happened to her has wreaked havoc in everyone’s life. The Deewangi screens with definitely miss Narmeen as Zoya Nasir brought a lot of energy and the much-needed thrill to the drama with her performance.

Zoya Nasir has definitely made a mark with her convincing portrayal of Narmeen in Deewangi, and we can’t wait to see what the actress will venture into next!

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