What’s special in Lahore CCPO that makes govt defend him: Maryam  

By: AFP      Published: 05:21 PM, 14 Sep, 2020
What’s special in Lahore CCPO that makes govt defend him: Maryam  

PML-N Vice-president Maryam Nawaz on Monday said the government should be asked what special qualification the notorious Lahore CCPO (Capital City Police Officer) had which made the government ministers and official spokespersons to defend him openly. 


It was the first government, Maryam added, which not only blamed the victim for every incident but also giving a message openly that everyone should arrange for his and her security himself and the state wasn’t responsible for that.

She said Lahore CCPO Umer Sheikh’s message after the motorway gang-rape made clear that a woman driving on motorway wasn’t an issue for the state and the government could neither provide security nor justice.

The message given to the women and the citizens was a bigger disaster than the gang-rape, said Maryam who, in a series of tweets, blasted the government over the incident and the response which followed the tragedy.

Maryam remarked that the government members and the CCPO moving in government vehicles along with security guards provided by the government did not know that not everyone woman had a car.

“An ordinary woman of this country has to leave her house. Her protection is a state responsibility no matter where she is,” she stressed.

“Do you want to give a message that the state falls asleep after 12am or there is a law of jungle here [in this country]?” the PML-N vice-president questioned.

Describing the government attitude as alarming, she said they were encouraging the wolves by blaming the victim instead of the culprit.