India nuclearising Indian Ocean, pursuing hegemonic designs: Shah Mehmood

By: News Desk      Published: 04:54 PM, 15 Feb, 2021
India nuclearising Indian Ocean, pursuing hegemonic designs: Shah Mehmood

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said India has nuclearised the Indian Ocean and continues to induct advanced weapons systems and naval delivery platforms in pursuit of its hegemonic designs.

He was addressing at International Maritime Conference (IMC) as a special guest on Monday. Shah Mehmood congratulated the Pakistan Navy on continuing hosting the multi-country Navy’s exercises titled 'AMAN.

Shah Mehmood said: “The Indian Ocean provides the best opportunity for mutual cooperation and sharing process but geostrategic rivalry and the desire for military dominance of some countries has badly affected this ability.”

“India's war madness and aggressive policies have taken immediate and perpetual threats for global peace and peace, especially under extremist Hindutva thinking,” the foreign minister added.

“Pakistan is retaining the minimum defensive capacity to make all necessary offers to ensure security. We are proud that the Pakistan Navy is effectively dealing with security dangers in Pakistan's coastal and regional seas to keep naval routes clean from illegal activities and shore ambitions.”

 “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and Gwadar port development are game-changer projects which have increased Pakistan's geo-economic importance and Gwadar Port is at a strategic location and it has full potential to be used as a regional centre and transhipment port,” the Foreign Minister said.

“I remember that the Pakistan Navy started this effort to promote peace and harmony in the Indian Ocean region,” Qureshi said.

The Foreign Minister said a large number of foreign navies is participating in it with ships, planes, special operations forces, Marine teams and critics.

“I am happy that the number of Navy countries participating in these naval exercises has increased from thoughtful to more than this year. This is the manifestation of Pakistan's covenant and efforts to promote peace,” Qureshi said.

“I thank the head of the Navy for inviting me here and this international maritime conference titled ‘Economic development from blue waters to a safe and sustainable environment’.”

“The 'Blue Water Economy ' is a relatively new concept. It reveals the importance of the social and seas development of the seas and seas. It's a broad concept with several aspects and includes renewable energy, fishing. Sustainable blue carriages are key to achieving societal and societal fruits based on the benefit of current and coming generations,’ Qureshi said.

According to economic experts, the global blue economy has a potential of over $24 trillion.

“The Indian Ocean is the third largest aquatic existence in the world. Keeping its importance to global security, as well as its importance as its international trade route is growing every day,” the Foreign Minister said.

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