Civil Aviation issues SOPs for domestic flights

By: News Desk      Published: 09:16 PM, 15 May, 2020
Civil Aviation issues SOPs for domestic flights
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The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday issued standard operating procedures for domestic flights.

Operational SOPs for Domestic Flights:

The air carrier operation shall be subject to full compliance of PCAA instructions regarding air carrier disinfection and passenger and crew protection measures. Following measures are to be taken in case of passenger and chartered air carrier flight operation within Pakistan.


1. Only passengers and airport staff shall be allowed to go beyond the parking area. Social distancing will be ensured by airport managers/ ASF.

2. The air carrier will be disinfected and a disinfection certificate duly signed/verified by CAA staff

3. An inventory of essential PPE shall be maintained in each air carrier.

4. The Domestic Passenger Health Declaration form will be disseminated to all travelers and the flight crew before boarding the flight. Passengers are to be scanned through thermal devices for fever before boarding and boarding passes shall be issued with a gap of at least one adjacent seat.

During Flight:

Guidelines for Passengers

1. Wear surgical masks throughout the duration of flight provided by the airline at check in counter and do not change seats in any case.

2. Immediately inform the cabin crew if you feel symptoms of COVID-19.

Cockpit / Cabin Crew

1. Wear appropriate PPE throughout the duration of flight.

2. Provide hand sanitizer every 30 mins during the flight to each passenger.

3. Food shall not be served during the flight, except emergency / medical required.

4. Passengers and crew members displaying symptoms of illness will be isolated towards aft of the air carrier and kept there till the termination of flight.

5. After the completion of boarding, the Senior Purser/ Lead Cabin Crew will take a picture of each air carrier zone displaying passengers seated while wearing masks and will be submitted for record.

6. Cabin Crew will spray disinfectant in the lavatory after every use and use alcohol-based disinfection wipes to clean and disinfect their hands.

7. Before landing, the Captain of the air carrier will confirm to ATC that Domestic Passenger Health Declaration Form has been filled by all, otherwise no one shall be allowed to disembark the air carrier.

8. Upon contacting any ill passengers (having symptoms of COVID-19), cabin attendants must ensure use of PPE.


1. Disembarkation will he done row wise in an orderly manner (from front to back) ensuring social distancing.

2. All passenger luggage and cargo shall be disinfected.

3. Only the respective airline/ operator / GHA staff shall pick up the luggage from the belt and place it in a way that each piece is at a safe distance.

4. The Domestic Passenger Health Declaration form will be collected from each passenger by Health staff in the arrival lounge.

Upon Arrival In The Arrival Lounge

1. Passengers & flight crew shall be subject to thermal scanning.

2. In case of raised body temperature, or display of any of the COVID-19 symptoms, the person shall be examined and may be shifted to a quarantine location. The transport to the quarantine location shall be arranged by the concerned authorities. The passengers shall be responsible for payment of room rent and food cost.

3. All med PPE shall be disposed-off / properly sanitized before next use (in-case of reusable items).

4. Data of all passengers and flight crew with their mobile numbers will be kept for record and further follow up.

5. No protocol/ meet and greet shall be allowed at domestic arrivals. Drivers shall wait inside their vehicles in the parking lot. Vehicles shall not be allowed to be parked in front of the domestic arrivals area.