Dollar, pound, euro make gains on second day in a row

By: News Desk      Published: 05:24 PM, 15 Sep, 2020
Dollar, pound, euro make gains on second day in a row

The rupee had a poor session in both inter-bank and open market trading as the world’s top currencies made significant gains on Tuesday.

In inter-bank exchange rate, the dollar closed at Rs166.26 after a gain of nine paisas. Similar was the case with the euro which gained 39 paisas and was available for Rs197.57. 

Meanwhile, the pound sterling proved to be best the performer as it ended the session at Rs214.20 after going up by 59 paisas.

Tuesday’s session means that the dollar has gained 20 paisas, the euro Rs1.13 and the pound Rs1.20 paisas during the first two days of this week.

As far as the open market is concerned, the dollar was up by 10 paisas and the pound by 50 paisas with the respective exchange rates recorded at Rs166.40 and Rs215.50.

However, there was no change in the value of euro which remained stable at Rs197.50.

Earlier on Monday, the dollar gained 20 paisas inter-bank trading. The increase for the euro and the pound was 74 paisas and 61 paisas respectively.

In open market, both the dollar and the pound were down by 10 paisas and Rs1 respectively albeit the euro had managed a gain of 50 paisas.