Google putting AI robots to work on voice commands

By: News Desk
Published: 10:35 PM, 16 Aug, 2022
Google putting AI robots to work on voice commands
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Google demonstrated their mechanical waiters to reporters which help the employees fetching the snacks and drinks from the break room easily.

They have combined the eyes and arms of physical robots with the knowledge and communication skills of virtual chatbots using an Artificial Intelligence breakthrough that eases the way for robots to conduct single structured tasks like vacuuming, bringing sodas and snacks and even standing guard.

According to the company, the robots are not yet for sale as they have not been linked with the easy user accessible command “OK Google” and they are only able to perform a few dozen basic tasks.

While Google says it is developing responsibly, execution of this technology could ultimately crumble to the ground as robots becoming surveillance machines, or being equipped with AI chatbot tech that can give offensive responses, as their competitors Meta and Tesla have experienced in recent years.

Microsoft and Amazon are also pursuing research in the same field.

"It's going to take a while before we can really have a firm grasp on the direct commercial impact," senior director for Google's robotics research says.

The robots are smart enough that when asked to help clean a spill, it recognizes that grabbing a sponge is a more workable and more sensible thing to do than apologizing for creating the mess.

The robots listen, analyze and then interpret the command spoken to them, then think about what it can do according to its capabilities and then takes action starting with baby steps to achieve the task.

A fellow of Google, owned by Alphabet company namely Everyday Robots designs the robots, which for now will stay confined to grabbing snacks and cleaning spills for the employees at Google.

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