Watch how to listen WhatsApp audio message before sending it

By: News Desk      Published: 08:43 AM, 16 Dec, 2021
Watch how to listen WhatsApp audio message before sending it
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WhatsApp has recently released a preview feature for voice messages, letting you check whether your ramblings vaguely make sense before inflicting them on others. The Meta-owned messaging service said that the feature has been slowly rolling out in recent weeks, and that it’s now available across all platforms including iOS, Android, web, and desktop.

According to a help page for the feature, the option to preview a voice message appears after you press the stop button to finish a recording. You can then preview it with the triangular play icon, delete it with the trash can icon, or send it with the send button.

Audio previews are one part of a flurry of new updates that have either been released or are reportedly in development around WhatsApp’s voice message feature.

Earlier this year, the service added the ability to adjust the playback speed of voice notes during listening (perfect for quickly getting through long and rambling messages), and WABetaInfo reports that it’ll also soon be possible to pause and resume recording of a voice message. We’ve been able to verify that the latter feature is available in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS.

But more interesting features may be on the horizon. In September, WhatsApp confirmed it was in the early stages of developing a new voice transcription feature that could one day allow you to read a transcription of a voice message rather than listening to it. Then, in October, WABetaInfo reported that it had also found signs of a “global voice message player” feature that would let users listen to voice notes while browsing other WhatsApp chats.

There’s no information available as to when (or even if, in some cases) WhatsApp may roll out these new voice message features. But being able to preview a voice note before sending it is a promising start.

How to listen WhatsApp audio message before sending it

Instant messaging app WhatsApp always comes up with cool updates and is full of amazing features which is why it is one of the most popular app worldwide.

Well in this video, we will be talking about one such cool feature of WhatsApp that lets users to listen WhatsApp audio messages before sending it to the receiver. If you are new to this feature and don’t know how to do it, then watch this tutorial video where we have provided step by step guide on how to listen to WhatsApp audio before sending it.