Stars tell Pisces folks today is the ideal day to propose your partner

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Published: 08:36 AM, 16 Jan, 2022
Stars tell Pisces folks today is the ideal day to propose your partner
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All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20) 

This is the right time to invest your money but make sure you have a proper guide for it. You can expect their love and support for your future plans. You may get anxious and fight with the management of the company. A few of you are diabetic here, you may feel relieved from the naturopathy treatment. Investing in real estate will be the step in the right direction, as you are likely to get handsome returns. This is a good day for travelling long distance.

Love Focus: People in the relationship are quite happy today but do not show off your love as few people may try to create misunderstandings between you both.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Colour: Cream

Taurus (Apr 21-May20)

Today all your monetary transactions will get stabilized. Things may be at peace and calm at your home front. As per your stars, you may face work pressure but calm down and focus on doing smart work rather than hard work. Today you might start the day with a seasonal cold and cough. There is a good chance of catching the excitement by setting out for a happening destination. Something that you have submitted on the academic front is likely to pass scrutiny.

Love Focus: You will enjoy the best of your partner’s company today.

Lucky Number: 22

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21) 

Today your stars are in a great mood and it is your perfect time to invest in a property or any asset. Today you might feel disturbed and stressed because of family drama and feel disappointed or some harsh words from your near dear ones might break your heart. You might feel energetic and have positive vibes but at the same time be cautious and not overload yourself with new assignments. Some of you will have a good spa leaving you relaxed and their prices will not leave your pockets empty.

Love Focus: Today singles may feel elated with lots of marriage proposals and you might meet the love of your life whereas couples will spend the perfect time in your life and enjoy their partner's company.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Dark Slate Grey

Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22)

You will get a lot of appealing deals in which you might like to invest in. You might feel disappointed as your parents may not support you in your career endeavours. The work pressure will be on peak with some disappointments from superiors but will get self-motivated and encouraged to face it with a smile. Today is the perfect time to meditate and do yoga and feel enlightened. Some of you are likely to join a group to resolve difficulties on the academic front.

Love Focus: Today you will have a great and comforting discussion with your partner and will get to hang out with them snacking out in this lovely weather.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Colour: Light Green

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Your financial status will remain strong. While expenses may increase, your income too shall increase. You will feel pampered and loved by your partner and have a great movie night with children at home today. Your seniors will appreciate your hard work and all your pending tasks will be completed before time which will allow you to hang out with friends tonight. You might be stressing your mind a lot from the past few days. Your desire to enjoy a vacation with someone close is likely to become a reality in the near future.

Love Focus: Your partner may feel frustrated in the relationship due to some existing misunderstandings.

Lucky Number: 22 

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

You may have instability in your finances and also you may not get expected returns. It seems like you may visit your friends or the person you were planning to visit very soon. You may seem a little worried today due to still growth or no growth in the job. Middle aged people may suffer body aches too.  This is your way to proceed with life. Your friends can rely on you to make the plan and help them structure things like a perfectionist.

Love Focus: Your partner might not in a mood to talk about love today. 

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Colour: Deep Sky Blue

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

A smooth talker may try to lure you to invest in something that may eventually not have a long future. You will be having a good day with your family and also you may meet your cousins who live far away in different cities. It is a good day to collect money from your clients and you may get good reviews too. You will have a healthy day ahead, nothing is likely to bother you or deter your spirits. On the academic front, things may begin to turn in your favour soon.

Love Focus: Your partner needs your support, he/she may not be undergoing a good time. 

Lucky number: 7

Lucky colour: Lemon

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) 

It's time for the clouds to shed away and the sun to shine bright and provide its warmth to the hearts trying to heal old wounds. Your smart work has started showing its colours, making the dish look tasty to eat. You are trying to believe in health is wealth but the situations around you are not willing to listen to your will. Attempts at mastering a skill or subject on the professional or academic front will not be difficult, as you make your mark. Be careful to not be caught in legal scenarios and evade getting into issues related to money.

Love Focus: Those who are committed in a relationship already – should focus on the present than only thinking about things in future. 

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown

Sagittarius (Nov 20 - Dec 21)

A light breeze is flowing toward you with quite little effects and feels within the economic zone. It's all laughs and cheers as you're quickly going to receive very good information from someone close to your own family. Try to find your actual passion in place, instead of listening to advice and you can make the hearts move along with your work, passion and willpower. The day shows the beginning of the best times for you ahead. Attempts at mastering a skill or subject on the professional or academic front will not be difficult, as you make your mark.

Love Focus: Caring isn't all stressful in the head however expressing your feelings and the love you feel.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: White

Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 20)

You may face difficulties buying shares or getting the deal done. No wonder they will react to your wish but you must stay quiet otherwise you may have a big argument with them today that will affect your relationship as well. People in business are expected to gain huge profits today or sign a profitable deal. Some of you may plan to start something new this time, maybe yoga or Zumba. Allow yourself to connect with people on a deeper level. Hard work is the only way you can thwart your rivals on the academic front and you will manage it.

Love Focus: People already in a relationship may plan to step forward in their relationship.

Lucky number: 8

Lucky colour: Lavender

Aquarius (Jan 19 - Feb 18) 

You should plan on taking good courses on how to invest your money and become wealthy. There is much commotion and negativity surrounding you but the stars suggest not to give up and gather yourself to take on anything that you come across with patience. There could be a party planned in the office for some colleagues and you will enjoy it a lot there. You will get so many compliments on your personality today. It's a more social time of the year for you to make sure you allow yourself to gel well outside of your comfort zone. 

Love Focus: You may plan a good date tonight and you both will go on a long drive.

Lucky number: 22

Lucky colour: Sky Blue

Pisces (Feb 18 - Mar 20)

You are a good listener that makes you a reliable friend and a compassionate partner. Some people may get their money back from the borrowers.

Pisces, you are one of the most artistic and psychic of all the zodiac signs. It's important for you to have someone who can connect with you at the same level. Expression is important for you, the only reason why you hold back is that you don't think you will be understood. Well guess what you can bet that someone must have felt some type of way like you that's how psyche works. Find more people to talk to you. 

Love Focus: You will have a good time with your partner. If you are planning to propose, this is the day.

Lucky number: 5

Lucky colour: Light Green