Title track for ‘Bandhay Ek Dour Se’ is finally out!

By: News Desk      Published: 11:30 AM, 16 Jun, 2020
Title track for ‘Bandhay Ek Dour Se’ is finally out!

When Sahir Ali Bagga and Hadiqa Kiani come together, you can expect magic.

That is precisely what we get with Bandhay Ek Dour Se OST. The song is written and composed by Sahir Ali Bagga for 7th Sky Entertainment’s upcoming drama.

What works is that in many ways, the song and the video foreshadow the complicated love story we now expect from the drama — starring Ahsan Khan, Ushna Shah, and Hina Altaf.

When you watch the video, the set design immediately stands out. You can see that a lot of work has been put in to showcase the different moods of the song. We understand the actors' emotions, the lyrics, and the music, and the set design matches up beautifully.

Everything has been well thought out from broken household items to cobwebs to the use of bright colours and rain. Plus, when you add the natural and effortless acting style of the lead trio, it makes for a wonderful mix.

The lyrics of the song tell us that this drama will be about a complicated love triangle. These are some selfless characters who are stuck in a rather tricky situation.

It represents love, heartbreak, separation, and a lot more. By giving us little hints about the story, the OST adds to the sense of intrigue.

Sahir Ali Bagga has been able to come up with a wonderful song. It gives a sort of an intro to the story written by Faiza Iftikhar. On its own, the song is worth listening to. It has a little bit of a Qawwali feel to it with dominant background vocals.

Bandhay Ek Dour Se looks like the drama to watch out for.