Sara Loren spreading peace through her star power

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 11:19 AM, 16 Mar, 2020
Sara Loren spreading peace through her star power

As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

The most celebrated amongst us have the unique opportunity to impact opinions and actions in their circle of influence.

Sara Loren is one of them who has chosen to exercise that with more grace and humility than most others.

From speaking up on social media about causes to supporting good initiatives, Loren is on a roll to inspire others with her messages and actions.

Talking to 24NewsHD about her personal experience as a globe-trotter, the actress said: “Pakistan is a modern country but it’s not portrayed the same way globally.”

The actress has surely made our world a better place this year, we can only imagine what other causes and issues will the actress address through her star power in the coming months.

In a recent appearance on a talk show, Sara stated: “I grew up in a multicultural society that’s why I don’t really feel a difference amongst people belonging to different countries or cities.”

Loren also believes that those with the power to change the world for the better, ought to use it wisely and effectively, in line with that she tweeted regarding recent happenings in the Indian capital New Delhi.

"This is such a heartbreaking moment. It is definitely not the same city I have visited many times, my heart is bleeding ... I hope the situation normalises soon and there is no more violence, praying for peace.”

Similarly to raise awareness about coronavirus, Loren said: “...Cases of coronavirus are reported in Karachi, stay safe everyone! Panic is no answer of course. It’s a request for everyone to follow the precautionary measures strictly! May Allah keep us all safe.”