Our leaders in the eyes of their opponents

By: Ashraf Mumtaz      Published: 04:46 PM, 16 Nov, 2020
Our leaders in the eyes of their opponents

Political leaders who are supposed to be a role model for the nation have lost control over their tongues and are using the derogatory language for their rivals. And those conferring humiliating titles on their opponents include parliamentarians who, under the constitution, are supposed to be sadiq (truthful) and ameen (trustworthy).

If the accusers are to be taken seriously then most of the legislator can’t retain their seats in parliament nor can they face the public.  

And if the allegations are baseless then the accusers can be tried on ‘Qazf’ charge which is a serious offence under the Islamic laws.

Anybody falling in this category is liable to be flogged and disqualified for life for any testimony unless he mends his ways.

What is a matter of serious concern is the fact that religious leaders like Maulana Fazlur Rehman have also become part and parcel of this unenviable trend.

It is also painful to notice that the accusers and the accused have developed limitless immunity over a period of time and instead of countering their opponents in a civilized manner they retaliate with a dirtier language.  

Now, these allegations have become routine and no event is complete unless the opponents are subjected to mud-slinging.  The more mud is used by a leader the greater he is regarded by his/her supporters.

Chief Executive of Jamia Madnia, Raiwind Road, Maulana Mehmud Mian, said while talking to the writer that such allegations should not be leveled against the opponents unless the accusers have proofs to substantiate them.

According to him, persons making such allegations as well as those against whom the allegations are levelled are not qualified for a seat in parliament.

Such accusations are not levelled even in non-Muslim countries, he said.

He said it was regrettable that this trend is not coming to an end. Unless the law on the subject is strictly enforced against people involved in the practice and they are punished, the allegations and counter-allegations trend would not come to an end, he said.    

Political observers say it is painful that even the judiciary is not taking suo motu of such nonsensical utterances.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, regarded as Mr Clean by his party men, has repeatedly used the title of pick-pockets, dacoits, thieves for his opponents.

He also said umpteen times that his rivals are mounting pressure on him to be able to get what he calls an NRO. He insists that he would not give NRO to his opponents even if he had to quit power.

The NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) had been brought in by then-president Pervez Musharraf to give relief to his opponents in return for political support from them.

A top PPP leader during his recent election campaign in GB called Prime Minister Imran Khan a liar and a hypocrite containing all four signs pointed out by Islam.

Taliban Khan and a Yahoodi agent are other adjectives various opponents use against the prime minister.

Maryam Nawaz is called by PTI leaders a certified liar, a convict.

Firdaus Ashiq Awan brands Maryam as Raj Kumari.  

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid is called a satan (devil) of Rawalpindi.

A senior PML-N leader calls him “Sheeda Tully”, a distortion of the minister’s name.

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the president of the 11-party opposition alliance PDM, is addressed as Maulana Diesel by his opponents for reasons best known to them.   

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is labelled as “Modi ka yaar” (A friend of the Indian prime minister) and a money launderer.

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