How many bullets for each minister, PTI MNA tells PM Imran

By: News Desk      Published: 09:14 PM, 16 Oct, 2020
How many bullets for each minister, PTI MNA tells PM Imran
MNA Sanaullah Khan Masti Khel speaks in the National Assembly.–File photo

A lawmaker from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Friday left everyone, including the prime minister, shocked with his virulent remarks against the federal ministers

At a meeting of the parliamentary party of the ruling coalition partners in Islamabad, MNA Sanaullah Khan Masti Khel told the prime minister, “Had I been in your position, I would have lined them up and shot each of them twenty times. Mr. prime minister, do not trust what your ministers say at briefings. People cannot bear the price hike.” Denouncing poor performance of the federal ministers, Masti Khel said he came to the National Assembly after defeating the PTI candidate in the elections, therefore, he was not afraid of anyone. 

MNA Noor Alam Khan said that energy minister Omar Ayub Khan was like a brother to him, but his ministry was not collecting electricity bills from people. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan told the lawmakers not to worry about opposition’s ‘harmless’ protest. He said that some people were worried about Fazlur Rehman’s protest, but opposition parties’ protest movement would fizzle out in 15 days.