US actress Rose McGowan extends her support for Meesha Shafi

By: News Desk      Published: 11:53 AM, 16 Oct, 2020
US actress Rose McGowan extends her support for Meesha Shafi

Hollywood actress Rose McGowan, who played a major part in producer Harvey Weinstein's downfall, has been extending support to fellow #MeToo victims.

Meesha Shafi have received support from McGowan. The former Overload singer recently shared a picture on her Instagram with the caption, "Grateful for all the love and support I’ve been receiving." McGowan went on to comment on the aforementioned picture and posted a handshake emoji.

Earlier, Shafi shared a portrait of herself reworked by renowned artist Sara Shakeel, subtly talking about being ‘woke'. She said, "We all have our share of struggles. Some hidden, some in plain view. We all pine and bicker about the way things are. Get into heated debates. Get ourselves worked up into a verbal frenzy of passion."

Meesha Shafi who is facing a defamation suit against her filed by singer cum actor Ali Zafar has sought stay on suit proceedings till the final decision of the FIR which Ali Zafar got registered against her and her witnesses.

Meesha Shafi filed an application in a court contending that the FIR is a blatant attempt to silence the witnesses of the defendant at a critical stage of the trial when defendant is producing her witnesses.

She said that the case is on the stage of recording of evidence and a false and frivolous FIR has been registered against her and eight others including four of her witnesses including Leena Ghani, Maham Javaid, Humna Raza and Iffat Omer.

She contended that her witnesses Leena Ghani and Humna Raza both have personally experienced sexual harassment from the hands of the plaintiff Ali Zafar. And both the witnesses have stated that Ali Zafar had also sexually harassed them.

She wants both the above witnesses to be produced before the court to show that she is not alone in making allegations of sexual harassment against the plaintiff but there are others also who have spoken against him, Meesha added.