How to hide a WhatsApp status from selected contacts

By: News Desk
Published: 09:31 AM, 16 Sep, 2021
How to hide a WhatsApp status from selected contacts
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If you've ever wondered about setting or changing your WhatsApp status but stopped because of who might see it, you're in the right place because we'll explain how you can choose who sees your Status.

WhatsApp's Status feature is underused and often misunderstood. You may never have used it or perhaps you didn't know all the things it can do. 

If you're worried about who can see your status, there are two handy ways to get around this. You can either choose to exclude certain contacts from those who can see your Status updates or to only include the ones you choose.

How to hide your WhatsApp status from selected people

The process is more or less the same on both iPhone and Android devices. Follow the steps below to take control.

Open WhatsApp on your device and go into the settings.

* From settings, go Account > Privacy > Status.

* Here you can control the privacy of your status. Tap on 'My contacts except...'

* On the next screen you can choose who to exclude and hide your status from.

How to only show your WhatsApp status to selected people

The process for this is the same, but at step 3 you tap 'Only share with..." and then choose who is allowed to see your status

These simple steps should help you take control of your WhatsApp status and make the most of this undervalued feature. 

What is WhatsApp Status?

If you're not sure, don't worry, many people have let this pass them by, even though it has been around for a few years now. 

WhatsApp Status is an update that you can post and it stays up for 24 hours

You can post text, images or even short videos to share what you're up to or how you feel. 

This is all done from the Status tab which you can swipe to or tap on from the main WhatsApp page with your chats on it. That's where you can set your Status and see other poeple's. 

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It works a bit like 'stories' on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and you can reply to your contacts' statuses by swiping up. When you start viewing statuses, they will autoplay, moving onto the next person's when finished, unless you stop and go back.–