Pawri Girl on the hit-list after giving unethical advice

By: 24 News
Published: 11:47 AM, 16 Sep, 2022
Pawri Girl on the hit-list after giving unethical advice
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Dananeer Mobeen has become a topic of discussion after she uploaded a video of a homemade lip plumper. The content creator and actress made a lip plumper with red chili powder and applied it to her lips. Later in the video, she stressed not to try this at home and highlighted that it is rather painful.

“Y’all I tried this homemade lip-plumper and I realized I love my natural lips, it’s actually quite painful but it gets the job done. Pain level 9/10. I’ve mentioned it in the video, but DONT try this at home.” She wrote.

This video came under the notice of Ken Doll aka Adnan Zafar, who responded by telling everyone not to do it at home in a reply video. Zafar claimed that he didn't knew of the latest fashion but that red chilies are bad for the skin. Someone should go for fillers if they desperately need fuller lips; else, they shouldn't use straight chili on their lips.

Mathira, a model also could not stay quiet and commented to instruct everyone that they should not try everything they see, “Omg wow why would anyone guide someone to put chili on the lips please everything on google baba ain’t always right and okay for all people some peoples skin are really sensitive.”