Watch: Man’s iPhone 6s survives 2000 feet fall from plane

By: News Desk      Published: 04:28 PM, 17 Dec, 2020
Watch: Man’s iPhone 6s survives 2000 feet fall from plane

An iPhone 6s that was dropped from a plane from 2000 feet survived the fall with just a few scratches and even captured a video on the way down.

The iPhone fell as a filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto tried to capture a video out of a plane window in Brazil.

As reported by Brazilian publication G1, Galiotto was flying right over a beach in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, for one of his projects and as he was holding his iPhone 6s with just one hand to record the video, heavy winds caused him to drop the phone from the aeroplane’s window.

The inside of the plane had a camera so the shocking footage was soon uploaded to YouTube and Galiotto explained the scary situation.

Luckily, no one was hurt by the falling iPhone. It was later found using GPS.

While Galiotto had little hopes left for his phone, he decided to check the Find My iPhone app, and to his surprise, he found the exact location of his phone in the middle of the beach.

Not just that, Galiotto found that his iPhone was practically unharmed and was in working condition. While Galiotto himself has claimed that he was flying around 2,000 feet high, G1 has mentioned the height to be 300 metres (around 1,000 feet high). Regardless, surviving a drop from an aeroplane remains an impressive feat.

The YouTube video caption states: "During a flight over Praia do Peró, in Cabo Frio / RJ, the cell phone of environmentalist Ernesto Galiotto plummeted down the window and filmed the entire fall.

"The most interesting thing is it was on until the next day, almost 12h straight. And it was found thanks to the GPS service."

The filmmaker had been flying for a work project. It only took 15 seconds to hit the ground and was very fortunate not to fall in any water.

Considering a lot of people break their phone just by dropping it on the floor from their hand, the survival of this iPhone 6s is very impressive.