Police arrest prankster for harassing women 

By: News Desk      Published: 07:34 PM, 17 Jun, 2021
Police arrest prankster for harassing women 

The police on Thursday arrested a ‘prankster’ for allegedly harassing the women during filming the so-called pranks in Gujranwala, reported 24News HD TV channel. 

The prankster's name is Khan Ali and his account is called 'Vele Loog Khan Ali'. The police arrested the prankster Khan Ali from Lahore, said SP Abdul Wahab. The netizens reported Ali after watching ‘cheap’ pranks where he could be seen harassing the women in the name of giving them headscarves (dupatta). In the video which went viral on social media, Khan Ali can be seen approaching random women outside a university in Gujranwala and attempt to pay them money to buy a dupatta.

The women, uneasy with the prankster attitude, can be seen expressing their anger in the video and of course terrified. While introducing his prank video in the intro, Ali says “You must tell your mothers, sisters and daughters to wear a dupatta. This isn't a prank, this is a message.”

In the video, he starts by droning at random women to wear a dupatta and when they attempt to walk away, he pulls their arms. When they eventually get angry and ask who he is to tell them what to wear he replies “I am a Pakistani Muslim!”

The citizen urged the authorities to take strict action against such culprits of harassment. They said it was against our culture to harass women just to get cheap popularity and get more followers for the vlogs. 

According to the police, the accused has apologized for his actions. 

By: Zahid Iqbal Rana 

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