Punjab being run from Islamabad: Hamza Shahbaz 

By: News Desk      Published: 06:33 PM, 17 Jun, 2021
Punjab being run from Islamabad: Hamza Shahbaz 

Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has said that a province of 120 million population is being run from Islamabad, terming it a joke with the democracy and provincial autonomy, reported 24News HD TV channel on Thursday. 

Hamza Shahbaz while talking during the budget session of the Punjab Assembly said that unemployment had increased from 33 percent to 85 percent during the last three years. He said the government had asked for 90 days of cooperation but we did not create hurdles for three years just to save the system and the democracy. He said that the PM used to say that he would commit suicide instead of going to the International Monterey Fund (IMF) and then the ‘Einstein of Finance’ begged the Fund for the programme. He said that the PML-N previous government had taken loans of Rs25000 billion but the incumbent government had already taken loans of Rs48000 billion. 

Hamza said that the government could not digest the budget and hiked the prices of petrol on the second of the budget. He said that millions were living below the poverty line in the country. He said during the last three years, the prices of medicine increased by 300 to 500 percent, adding that the prices of daily-use commodities were out of the reach of the people. He said the prices of gas increased by 300 percent. He questioned how a household could be managed with Rs20000 per month. “If this is called growth then I pray that May God protect us from this growth, he said adding that how poor person can afford the bills of gas, electricity, and water. He aid said all the claims of the PTI like the creation of 10 million new jobs, construction of five million new houses, and construction of 500 dams as well bringing back 200 billion dollars were lies. 

The opposition leader in Punjab Assembly said that every citizen was hoping for betterment in the budget. He said that whatever had happened in the National Assembly was condemnable. He said the members threw bottles and abused each other and the masses lost their confidence in democracy after seeing all this. He said it should be made sure that the budget session is productive and create examples that will be a beacon for the coming assembly. 

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