Farogh says election reforms bill can not be challenged

By: News Desk      Published: 10:44 PM, 17 Nov, 2021
Farogh says election reforms bill can not be challenged

Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem has challenged the opposition’s announcement of challenging the bill in the Supreme Court with the claim of having nothing in the election reforms related bill that can be challenged.

According to the 24News HD TV channel, the law minister while talking to media after the joint session of the parliament said they couldn’t stop the opposition from going to court.

He said everyone has a constitutional right to knock on the door of the court but it would be difficult to predict, what would be the outcome of the bill if it challenged?

Anyhow, he said everyone is free to go to court but he did not think that there was anything in this bill that can be challenged.

On a query about election reforms, Farogh said there was no provision in the constitution that gives a right to the Election Commission in the legislation related to the election.

The law minister said the judiciary was independent and judges were doing their best to provide justice. He added that Justice ® Rana Shamim’s affidavit was based on a lie and if it was true then why did he wait for 3 years.

He also claimed that there were many contradictions regarding the affidavit. He said his government would always act according to the law.