Minal Khan & Ahsan exploring exquisite sceneries in Islamabad

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 02:21 PM, 17 Nov, 2021
Minal Khan.
Minal Khan.

Actress Minal Khan and her vacations certainly don't seem to come to an end. This time Minal with her better half Ahsan Mohsin decided to venture on a trip to Islamabad and the snaps emerging from the couple's end prove to be immensely aesthetic.

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Minal Khan has posted various pictures on her Instagram handle which showcase some highly exquisite cars in vibrant colours definitely stealing the spotlight. The couple ended up going to a car show it seems? Previously, Minal and Ahsan were spotted on a lavish honeymoon to Maldives and social media users fell in love with the updates which got featured on the actress' account because they were shot with profound perfection.

Donning winter ensembles, Minal and Ahsan have been seen posing in one of the pictures with a majestic red car. In another picture, Minal is wearing an all black attire stunningly appearing with a blue car with the click succeeding in giving off aesthetic feels.

Minal has also posted a short video on her platform in which she decided to affectionately grab her partner's cheek while he has been spotted busily driving the car. In the caption, Minal has stated: "Mountain hopping."

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