Pakistan facing impact of global oil price surge: Sh Rashid

Laments opposition is indiscreet: Lashes out at Maryam for using ‘unwise’ language: Says PM Imran Khan to complete five-year term

By: News Desk      Published: 12:50 PM, 17 Oct, 2021
Pakistan facing impact of global oil price surge: Sh Rashid
Sheikh Rashid addresses the media.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that the oil prices have increased all over the world which has also given it an upward push in Pakistan, confessing to the rising inflation in the country but at the same time he heralded that the prices would be decreased soon, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The minister was talking to media outside the residence of late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan in Islamabad on Sunday. He said he came to meet Dr AQ Khan’s daughter Dina Khan to consult her on the design of her father’s mausoleum. As soon as he gets the design, the government would start building the mausoleum, he added. 

Reminiscing about good memories with late Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Sh Rashid said that he had a very cordial relationship with the deceased father of the Pakistan atomic programme. He divulged that PM Khan wanted him to be buried in Faisal Mosque but Dr AQ Khan’s family opposed the idea. 

Talking about the tenure of the present government, Sh Rashid said that no one should live in a fool’s paradise that Prime Minister Imran Khan was going. 

“Imran Khan is not going anywhere. He will complete his five-year term,” he added.

He maintained that the prices of edible and crude oil were rising across the globe and Pakistan was also facing its impact. He stated that the government was trying to control inflation in the country. 

The minister opined that the price of dollar was surging due to a volatile situation in Afghanistan. He held that the government had ordered an audit of 4 to 5 big exchange companies to examine the state of the dollar dearth in the country. 

He was of the view that Pakistan Muslim League-N supremo Nawaz Sharif had gone to London after conducting a proper planning. 

“Why Nawaz Sharif is raising hue and cry now,” he wondered! 

He continued that Prime Minister Imran Khan had got an indiscreet opposition. They lacked political acumen, he lamented. 

“They will keep indulging in political warmongering and will die down themselves,” the minister held.

Sh Rashid stated that the region was embroiled in a wave of terrorism but the opposition could not have any understanding of the situation. 

He lashed out at PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif for using unwise language in her speeches.

“If the subject of Imran Khan was excluded from her speech then nothing else will be left in her harangue,” he mocked.

He announced that all developmental schemes in Rawalpindi were going to be completed soon.