Nida Yasir reveals her mother fled to Germany after hosting bold TV show

By: News Desk
Published: 11:50 AM, 18 Jun, 2021
Nida Yasir reveals her mother fled to Germany after hosting bold TV show
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We are in a state of absolute bliss as we are receiving high quality entertainment in the form of ‘Nida Yasir adventures’ quite often these days and surely the popular morning show host’s amusing tales are keeping us highly fascinated.

This time at the set of Good Morning Pakistan, Nida Yasir chose to reveal another interesting tale.

Can we just add that Nida has very rapidly become a true source of excessive laughter and enjoyment? Therefore the recognition that she receives for her hosting capabilities is very well deserved as she is one competent host for sure!

In this particular episode, the cast of drama serial Pardes made an appearance.

While in conversation with the cast, it was inevitable that Nida would suddenly remember one of her own escapades related to the topic at hand.

Which she did, and mind you, her tale is better than any other tale!

Nida Yasir dived deep into revealing her very own ‘migration’ expedition.

She declared that her family had to live for two long years without her father.

Now you might wonder why?

Because Nida’s mother had to run away from Pakistan!

Voila! See? We told you Nida is full of surprises.

And the reason for Nida’s mother sudden escape?

She hosted a bold show on a TV channel after which she had to run away from Pakistan and the family ended up going to Germany BUT Nida and her sisters had to leave their father behind because of job issues.

Nida mentioned, “We have lived without our father for two years. My mother took me and my sisters along with her and moved to Germany and my father was living alone in Pakistan.”

She further added, “The circumstances forced my mother to take such a step because she hosted a bold show on PTV and because of that show she had to run away from Pakistan with her children. My father couldn’t resign from his job so he didn’t move along with us.”

Previously, Nida revealed how her diamond jewellery got stolen from her hotel room while she was visiting Istanbul, Turkey.

Nida spent the last day of her trip in a police station and managed to file an FIR however she had to leave that very day so her issue remained unresolved.

Now she has requested the Pakistan embassy in Turkey to retrieve her stolen diamond assets from the thief.