Omar Sharif's widow Zareen blames his first wife and son Jawad for death 

By: News Desk
Published: 07:15 PM, 18 Nov, 2021
Omar Sharif's widow Zareen blames his first wife and son Jawad for death 
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In an exclusive interview with Channel 24 HD TV, Zareen Ghazal Thursday said that Omar Sharif's son Jawad came to my house with Omar Sharif in July. Omar Sharif was not well at that time.

According to Zareen, when Omar Sharif's son Jawad took him away from his house on July 11, he was fine. They wanted to meet him but later I was not allowed to meet him either.

According to Zareen, it was not known where Omar Sharif was kept. It was later learned that Omar Sharif's first wife kept him at her sister's house. She lived on the second floor of a house and forced Omar used to take stairs, while Omar Sharif could not even walk at that time.

Zareen said that Omar Sharif had a heart attack there, then later the doctors called us, because he was in the hospital for a week.

Dr. Yawar told me that a valve of his heart was leaking and he had told this thing to his son five days ago.

But Jawad did not tell us, then whoever called him to tell that if Omar Sharif was in the hospital, he would say no, he is at home, she added. 

Talking to 24 News, Zareen said that even when she was calling, he did not talk to her. He had kept Omar Sharif's mobile phone switched off.

Answering to a question, she said that later the doctors asked me to come to the hospital and said that last month Omar Sharif had a heart attack and because of this his valve leaked and you have only fifteen days. It's okay if you can take him abroad in 15 days, otherwise we will have to have an open heart surgery and there is a high risk.

I was told that Omar Sharif would not be able to survive for more than a month, she said. 

According to her, she wanted to take Omar Sharif to Saudi Arabia, but Jawad said that she could not take him without his permission.

Then Omar Sharif's friends told me that this conversation would reach the media and then another discussion would start.

That's why we started making arrangements for the United States. I was asked by the Prime Minister's Office what you want. I told them that we wanted to go to USA for his treatment, then they arrange my, Omar Sharif's and Jawad's visa. 

But afterwards he asked the Sindh government to arrange for a visa for his mother and his brother, all he needed were visas which he applied for, she said. 

And I was trying for the hospital, while Jawad was holding press conferences everywhere that she did nothing, she added.

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