Imran Khan 'got' summary to dissolve Assembly from Parvez Elahi

Former prime minister raises concerns at escalating tension on western border

By: News Desk
Published: 08:21 PM, 19 Dec, 2022
Imran Khan 'got' summary to dissolve Assembly from Parvez Elahi
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Former prime minister Imran Khan has said the growing incidents of terrorism in Pakistan are very worrying, 24NewsHD TV channel reported on Monday. 

When the new government came to Afghanistan, we were concerned about the presence of TTP there, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief said while talking to international media reps.

He added: “We convened a meeting of the National Security Committee to take up the situation emerging in Afghanistan and pondered over options to deal with it.

"Our government was overthrown and those brought in were incapable of handling the situation. First in Malakand and then in the border areas of Waziristan, problems started growing. We spend billions of rupees on border fencing but the fence is being uprooted now."

The PTI chief continued: “Everything is going out of control in Pakistan, but the foreign minister is roaming around the world. the foreign minister should have visited Afghanistan before going anywhere else.

"If the situation deteriorates, Pakistan cannot afford another conflict on the western border. This is a very serious situation, parties should take steps before the situation gets out of control." 

 "My political struggle has been for rule of law. A part of my life has been spent in a society where the rule of law prevails. We do not have the rule of law, and that's why we are deprived of democracy. Rule of law is necessary to achieve prosperity and democracy.

"When I came to power, I went for accountability across the board.  Unfortunately, NAB was controlled by General Bajwa. I used to say that big fish be netted.

"Initially, Gen Bajwa did not refuse but later he asked us to focus on the economy and stop worrying about accountability. General Bajwa actually asked us to give NRO to these  people"

The PTI chief stressed: "Ties with ally PML-Q are the same, he said adding that he had a meeting with Moonis Elahi and seat adjustment will be taken up with the PML-Q.

"Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is the leader of his party and he can hold a meeting with anyone he wanted, Imran Khan said, stressing that Parvez Elahi gave him the signed summary to dissolve the assembly and the same will be sent to the governor whenever he wanted.

He claimed that he never wanted to defame the army as Pakistan needs a strong army. “The reasons for my criticism of Bajwa are simple. "Does anyone has the answer as to why the best-performing government in 70 years was overthrown? Why were criminals brought in place of this government?

"After the regime change, who allowed these criminals to close the cases of 5 billion dollars? The answer to all these questions is Bajwa."

Regarding the cypher issue, he said the matter was referred to the Supreme Court so that the regime change masterminds could be exposed.

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