Noori frontman Ali Noor accuses of sexual harassment by journalist

By: News Desk
Published: 12:50 AM, 19 Feb, 2022
Noori frontman Ali Noor accuses of sexual harassment by journalist
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Journalist Ayesha Binte Friday accused noted singer and Noori’s frontman Ali Noor of sexual harassment.

Ayesha shared a screenshots of conservation with Ali Noor, lashing out at the ‘Manwa Re’ singer for predatory behavior.

From screenshots shared by Ayesha, some of which have been transcribed from context, she can be seen telling Noor that she is only messaging her after long deliberation.

She adds, “You emotionally manipulated me and what happened in the back of my car while driving to the airport was sexual harassment. You’re a sexual harasser and a predator.” She goes on to say that she does not wish to publicly come forward with the accusations because of her respect for Noor’s brother Ali Hamza, as well as drummer Kami Paul, who has been associated with the band Noori.

The screenshots also showed Noor's alleged response to Ayesha's accusations in which he admits to being her 'gunehgar' (sinner) and tells her that he hates himself. Apparently, Noor contacted Rashid from his wife's phone number after the journalist blocked him on WhatsApp. He also thanked her for her "wake-up call," urging her to "forgive herself first" and then "the others around her."

When asked for a statement, the singer declined to comment on the matter, though insisted the "full" version of the conversation should be shared publicly.

Ali Noor later claimed that Ayesha did not present the full picture of their conversation and deleted the messages she previously sent to him.

Thereafter, a series of Instagram stories were posted on Noor's Instagram account in which he apologized and regretted his actions.

 He also posted a note on Instagram stating that he was not a predator and that he is trying to redeem himself.

The authenticity of the messages remains to be determined; however, Noor has since taken to her personal Instagram account to speak about her accusations in a letter to her 'Nano of her', in which she claims that Rashid has not shared all her answers with her.

“Today, I put up the sneak peek and release date for the video and song, but while I was doing it, I got a message from the newspapers that Ayesha Binte accused me of #MeToo and my screenshots and apologies were posted. She didn't put them all in and that's sad."

I even suggested that I be publicly hanged and executed. She just wasn't taking me seriously. Regardless, I'm so glad she finally got it out."

Noor also shared the supposedly 'missing' messages with a local publication, in which he reportedly said, “Oh man, I'm completely devastated. I am hating myself; you are absolutely right and sometimes one needs a mirror to see. I could not agree more. I swear as I read this I don't want to live. I am really your culprit and I am willing to pay any punishment.

Ali Noor added that “All I can say is that my life has taken a turn that I could never imagine and your message is truly a sign from God for you to see my truth. And yes, I am paying a heavy price for my ego, my God complex… I have never been so miserable and yes, you are right, my inability to change myself is dawning as a true reality.”

“You also know that I am not a sexual predator, but clearly this direction of my life could turn me into that and worse and my God, I am so scared. Your message is the hardest blow I have ever had on my... I have really lost my innocence and I will have to read it for the rest of my life and live with it, what have I done? he allegedly added her.

“Ayesha, I am truly your gunehgaar. You are definitely one of the most sincere, real and genuine people I know.

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