ECP should be held responsible for people’s suffering: Maryam

By: News Desk
Published: 05:21 PM, 19 Jan, 2021
ECP should be held responsible for people’s suffering: Maryam
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PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz Sharif, while addressing a charged crowd Tuesday in front of ECP offices, recounted that some six and half year ago in 2014 the foreign funding case has been initiated against PTI and only 70 hearings have been conducted so far.

Maryam said the PDM parties had gathered outside the ECP to remind it of its constitutional obligations.

Commenting on the size of the crowd, she asked whether there had been a "misunderstanding" that the PDM's planned long march was being held today.

"From the huge size of the crowd, I feel like you had that misconception. If this is a protest rally, look and think what the condition will be when the public reaches here for the long march," she told the rally.

She said the protest was being held on the Constitutional Avenue but "unfortunately there is no justice or Constitution in the country we live in".

"Today we have gathered in front of the ECP office to remind it of its constitutional responsibilities, to tell the chief election commissioner that your institution is a constitutional institution and an institution of the people. This is the institution that the Constitution has made responsible for respecting the people's votes and this is the institution that had to get respect for the people's votes," she added.

She said Imran Khan tried 30 times to stop this case from hearing and submitted applications six times in the high court to stop ECP from hearing the case.

She said Imran was used to say that if one is not a thief he should let others search him but he tried to stop the ECP from hearing the case.

She said if PTI was clean then why it tried to stop the foreign funding case for numerous time. Maryam said it is evident from their actions that they are involved in the theft.

She alleged that State Bank of Pakistan has revealed 23 secret bank accounts of Prime Minister Imran Khan that he was operating secretively and has not revealed before the ECP or the people.

She alleged that the money that came into Imran Khan’s account has come through Hundi. She alleged that Khan was funded from India and Israel and that’s why this money has come through Hundi in secret accounts of Imran Khan.

She alleged that she was funded by Bahartya Janta Party’s member Indira Subhaj.

She said that’s why Imran had prayed for the victory of Narendra Modi because he was funded by the BJP.

She said it is due to the PDM that the ECP has sped up the hearing of the foreign funding case against PTI that has been dragged for the last seven years.

She said Imran tried to befool the people by saying that he did not know about the source of the funding and put the blame on the agents who collected the funds.

She said PM Khan said he was not prepared to be a prime minister but he was fully prepared to loot the people of Pakistan.

Maryam said Imran should also reveal who were the agents who filled the ballot boxes with fake votes for him and who were the agents who helped him get Saadiq and Ameen certificate from former Supreme Court Chief Justice Saqib Nisar.

She questioned the ECP that why it did not take action when it was made a hostage in the guise of shutting down of the system.

She said the 220million people of Pakistan are today paying the price due to the ECP’s failure and inefficiency.

She said the ECP should be equally held responsible for the historic inflation in the country and sufferings of the masses.

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