Tim Roth: Not a fan of superhero genre 

By: News Desk
Published: 01:26 PM, 19 Sep, 2022
Tim Roth: Not a fan of superhero genre 
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Even in this day and age, when superhero films and television shows are popular and even win Oscars, there are still individuals who despise them and don't consider them to be true works of art. Tim Roth, a seasoned actor who played Abomination in She Hulk, has now spoken his opinion on the matter.

The actor argues against those who label superhero films as inferior cinema and believes that every tale produced in that particular type of film has entertainment value. The actor has worked in superhero films long before they became a worldwide craze.

In an interview, he said, "Everyone is welcome to what they like. The thing is that there is enough stuff out there for everyone."

The Incredible Hulk star, who made his debut as the antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2008, continued and said that he worked for his kids and they liked it, "Now, they look at this and they are laughing... For me, it’s fun."

“I don’t think that I’m not a snob. I see the entertainment value in all kinds of things. They may not be things that I particularly like, sometimes, but I can see the worth in things. These projects are such entertainment. When I travel, if I’m on a plane, I put Dead pool on you, and it takes me out of that place and takes me away for a while. It makes me laugh. I see the value in laughter. It is a very powerful currency”," the actor said.

Roth admitted that his initial motivation for entering the superhero world was to make his kids laugh and embarrass them. It was enjoyable to revisit it after 14 years because it brought back memories for the actor of that period and his children.

Speaking of the superhero genre's rising popularity, he said it really took off with the release of Ironman because the film's creators put their faith in the characters' humorous elements. He claimed that producers exploited Robert Downey Jr.'s acting skills.