How to view your friends’ WhatsApp status without leaving a trace

How to record a call or a video call in simple steps?

January 20, 2022 09:45 AM

Although this WhatsApp trick will help you to get this option, you should keep in mind that it is necessary to sacrifice some features for this: Such as a double blue check or read confirmation. So let’s get to work.

How to view WhatsApp status without leaving a trace
·         First you need to update WhatsApp completely, then go to Google Play or iOS Store.

·         If you see an update, activate it.

·         Now open WhatsApp on your cell phone Android Or iPhone.

·         Go to Settings or Alternatively Configure.

·         Now go to Accounting and Privacy.

·         In that section, disable “Read confirmations”.

·         Note that if you disable this option, you will no longer see the double blue check.

·         Check your friend’s status now.

·         If you want to re-read the receipts, remember to wait 24 hours after seeing the status.

·         Otherwise, it will look like you have seen the WhatsApp status of your friends.

What do the checks on WhatsApp mean?
The message sent has different meanings. That’s why we tell you what each symbol is:

·         A gray check: That means your message has been sent. If a gray check appears for a long time, your message has not yet been sent and will be sent within the next few seconds or minutes.

·         Double gray check: It means that your message has been delivered.

·         Clock: It means you do not have internet connection to send message.

·         Double blue test: It means that your message has been read.

·         Waiting for the message: Your messages are loaded and will only appear if the other person is online.

·         Writing: It means that the other person is writing a message.

·         Context: That means the person is connected, so you can write to him at that time so he can respond to you.

·         Temporary News: Messages that disappear in 24, 7 days or 90 days mean that someone else has executed them.

·         WhatsApp Widget: Allows you to compile all the messages you have not read

How to send invisible text or message on WhatsApp
·         Must first enter Share.

·         Select the conversation you want there Send invisible text.

·         When done, go to the Unicode website or enter it Link.

·         The letter U + 2800 contains invisible text. You can also use the Unicode code U + 2063.

·         Now copy and paste what is in the box and the voila.

·         Repeated pasting will develop invisible text.

·         This will help all your friends to play a prank. Remember to always add it with emoji or description on WhatsApp.

How to install WhatsApp on incompatible cell phone in 2022
Do you know how to install it? Well, here we leave the series of steps to install Share On an unsupported smartphone. It should be noted that this trick only works on Android terminals, so it is essential to use a series of complex steps that will not damage your device on iPhones.

·         First you need to check if Google Play allows you to continue to install WhatsApp.

·         If your cell phone is not compatible, open Google Chrome.

How to record a call or a video call in simple steps? 
WhatsApp became one of the best known applications in the world, so it is almost impossible to find a person who does not have it installed on their cell phone. However, there are many who are unaware that there are fully up-to-date methods for record WhatsApp-implements-a-change-in-calls-in-2022.-Which-is-20211223-0068.html” target=”_blank”>your calls in the app or video calls.

Although calls from the instant messaging platform owned by Goal tend to spend certain megabytes on our phones, there is a simple trick to be able to record that communication. Remember to always inform the other person that you will have a copy of what you talk about between you.

How to record a WhatsApp call?

·         The first thing will be to download the call recorder application Cube RTA. You can get it from the same GooglePlay.

·         Once installed, you must grant the corresponding permissions such as access to the microphone, telephone or list of contacts.

·         After that, make a call by WhatsApp as a test.

·         When you finish the call you can go to ACR Cube and see that the call has been recorded.

·         You can play it and listen to it again.

Can WhatsApp video calls be recorded?

Video calls took on great importance from the Covid pandemic, although they had been available for some time. For example WhatsApp launched the tool in 2016, but only in 2020 was it received that its interface was updated so that it can be done in a group (the maximum is 8 users).

At the moment, the instant messaging app, which has more than 5 million users around the world, does not have this recording function. However, they are not impossible to carry out.

In the case of cell phones that have the operating system Android, it is necessary to download the program from the virtual store screen recorder, which allows you to create a video with what happens on the cell phone screen.

Record video calls on Android phones

·         Open Screen Recorder.

·         Activate the Floating Window option.

·         Then, start the video call and click the record button, from the icon that appears on the side of the screen.

·         Once you want to finish the recording, press the same button and at that moment the video file will be generated.

How to record video calls on iPhone

On devices running the operating system iOS, like iPhone or iPad, no need to download an additional app. It is included among the functions of the equipment.

·         Go to the Settings function.

·         Once there, you must access the Control Center.

·         Then, you have to click on the option called Screen Recording.

·         When you start a video call on WhatsApp, you must access the Control Center of the iPhone, and there will be the recording option.

·         After the recording is finished, a video file will be saved on the device.

How to record WhatsApp Web video calls?

As is well known, also you can access the instant messaging application from a PC. And there is also the possibility of recording video calls from the Web version of the app.

You will need to download the additional app called OBS-Studio and follow these steps:

·         Enter the recording application and click on the camera.

Then, go to the Display option.
At that time, you will be able to visualize what is happening on the computer screen.
When you want to record the video, you need to click the Start Recording option, and after it is finished, the file is downloaded to the PC.

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