English vocabulary book uses ‘angry’ cricket fan meme to explain word

By: News Desk      Published: 05:43 PM, 21 Aug, 2021
English vocabulary book uses ‘angry’ cricket fan meme to explain word

It is hard to get out of the viral cycle on the Internet. An angry cricket fan who went viral way back in 2019 and his meme remains to make appearance on the internet every now and then.

His meme has now been introduced in a textbook that attempts to explain a word through his famous photograph.

Sarim Akhtar, whose photo went viral during the last cricket world cup, for his classic reaction on the stands, that caught the attention of even the International Cricket Council, now has become the part of an English book.

This vocabulary book used his image as a “graphical explanation”, the publisher decided to explain the verb: glared. The text in the book read: “to stare angrily” or reflect uncomfortably”, summing up Akhtar’s expression perfectly.

The man himself took to Twitter to share the bizarre moment. He also shared the cover of the book. Many were uncertain if it was real or simply photoshopped. But it turns out real and the page is from Kips Vocabulary Book of English.

This photo was taken when cricketer Asif Ali had dropped the catch of David Warner during a match at the ICC World Cup 2019, Akhtar’s expression characterized the reaction of all Pakistani fans at that time.

Now his popularity caught worldwide attention once again earlier this month his meme gets a place at the Meme Museum in Hong Kong.

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