Alizeh Shah’s response to Zarnish’s rudeness has angered netizens 

By: News Desk
Published: 12:41 PM, 22 Feb, 2022
Alizeh Shah’s response to Zarnish’s rudeness has angered netizens 
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Pakistani actress Zarnish Khan during an interview with renowned film director Wajahat Rauf, decided to put forward her stance regarding another actress Alizeh Shah and how she would win against anyone when it comes to misbehaving. 

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The show during which Zarnish uttered this statement is known as ‘Voice Over Man’. Zarnish Khan uttering this particular declaration against Alizeh is being labelled impolite while many social media users have also decided to support Zarnish in her beliefs.

After this particular snippet of Zarnish Khan conversing with Wajahat Rauf regarding Alizeh Shah grabbed quite a lot of attention over social media, Alizeh decided to approach the distressing incident with her own touch.

The controversial Pakistani star didn’t find it necessary to indulge in targeting Zarnish with rude remarks and instead chose an Islamic quote stated by Mufti Menk to voice out her views regarding the topic at hand.

Mufti Menk states: “Don’t expect people to understand you. They love to judge and speak like they know what you are going through. The truth is they don’t. No one does because they have not walked in your shoes. So don’t feel frustrated when you hear their comments. The Almighty knows. Smile and move on.”

Alizeh Shah sharing this particular Islamic reference in order to reveal her calmness and unbothered attitude regarding what Zarnish Khan has uttered caused social media users to lash out at the actress.

Netizens believe that when it comes to being bold, Alizeh Shah doesn’t hesitate to adopt extreme measures however her responding with Islamic quotes when convenient is the epitome of hypocrisy and double standards.

Pakistani star Mathira has also revealed her opinion regarding the ongoing controversy, she wrote: “Yaaar she is a kid stop targeting her soooo much not coool man! We don’t know what Alizeh is going through just give the poor child a break. When will people learn.”

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