Here’s why Feroze Khan decided to quit showbiz

By: News Desk
Published: 12:10 PM, 22 Jun, 2021
Here’s why Feroze Khan decided to quit showbiz
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Previously, Pakistani actor Feroze Khan made a sudden announcement which managed to cause an uproar throughout with people reluctant to say goodbye to their favourite star.

Mr Khan announced that he had decided to leave the industry however he didn’t do as he said and resumed his passion for acting.

Feroze’s indecisiveness was not at all appreciated and he received extensive criticism due to officially making a statement and then not being able to fulfil it.

After a considerable amount of time, the actor opened up about his hasty decision over the set of Ahsan Khan’s show.

Actor Khan addressed the issue in detail when he started explaining why he decided to leave his passion for acting behind and pursue his roots.

Feroze declared, “There was a time when I thought that what I would do if I would have to follow my passion (acting) or my roots (religion)?

He further mentioned, “I instantly decided to follow my roots but again it all happens as per Allah’s will as we have heard too: “O Son of Adam. You have your desire and I have my desire but My desire shall reign though if you surrender yourself unto My desire then I shall bestow upon you your desire but if you oppose My desire then I shall tire you of your desires and ultimately My desire shall reign.”

Certainly Feroze. Our desires can’t rise above the desires of the Creator therefore one should never go against Allah’s will.

Mr Khan explained further, “There was a time when I thought of quitting but now I think that I have to do this job purposefully. I will face the same camera, the same light and the same screen to convey my messages because the electronic media reaches out to millions of people in a flip second and is best way of giving messages.”

Feroze might be approaching the situation from a logical mind-set however it would be mighty fine if the actor portrays some predictability and gets rid of his indecisiveness. Though staying in the industry or choosing to quit is entirely his call however one must stick to what they claim right? Otherwise the person starts looking dubious.

We wish Feroze Khan the best of luck and may he excel in whatever is best suited for him.