Punjab Excise Dept sweats to register Rs120m Lamborghini

By: News Desk      Published: 11:41 AM, 22 Oct, 2020
Punjab Excise Dept sweats to register Rs120m Lamborghini

Everyone has problems in his or her life. Talking about the poor or working class, they experience hair loss and wrinkles on their faces earlier in their lives spending all the energy to earn their livelihood.  

Then there is middle class which, especially in societies like ours, completely detaches itself from those having lower socioeconomic status but is not accepted equal by the upper middle class or the elite. Hence, another kind of tension. 

Lastly, there are really rich people who are focused on two things: how to amass more wealth and then how to spend the same ….but in style.

But what one should do when you spend a huge amount of money but the obsolete state apparatus says you can but our system cannot accommodate it?

The same thing happened with a citizen Arjumand in Lahore, who bought a Lamborghini costing Rs120 million but the Excise Department is unable to register the vehicle. Reason? The department can register vehicles only up to Rs100 million, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Thursday.

So Arjumand, who imported this vehicle while paying millions in custom duty, is now wondering what he should do even after spending such a huge amount of money when he is ready to pay more.

According to the Excise Department officials, the registration fee for the imported vehicle would be over Rs5 million and they have written to the PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) for system upgradation.

However, no progress has so far been made despite the repeated reminders sent by DHA ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer) Nadeem Chaudhry.

Earlier, the department had registered a vehicle with a price tag of Rs95.1 million four months ago with an amount of Rs3.85 million was paid as registration fee.