Ushna Shah’s ‘good mood’ makes her crack light-hearted jokes 

By: News Desk      Published: 12:34 PM, 22 Sep, 2021
Ushna Shah’s ‘good mood’ makes her crack light-hearted jokes 

Seems like actress Ushna Shah is in a fairly good mood these days as the diva has taken the solace of her online presence in order to crack a light-hearted joke indicating towards a jovial mind-set.

This time, the renowned showbiz member has taken to her Instagram handle in order to put forward a witty statement regarding a spectacle which gained massive recognition previously on the internet.

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Previously, a few YouTube channels photo shopped Ushna Shah and Imran Abbas’ pictures and claimed through the edited images that the duo had gotten married. 

Ushna and Imran chose to approach this matter with full on humour and the actress has now stated on her Instagram story: “Reconciled after divorce. This time I might be the one leaving him. He looks way too good.” Imran Abbas was tagged by the actress on this story after the statement.

The actor’s response to Ushna’s humorous banter might crack you up: “I’ll be a good man this time.”

In the exchange that took place between two popular celebrities, the duo made sure to adopt full on irony as the actress hinted towards leaving her ‘husband’ Imran this time however the actor tried to wittingly persuade her to change her mind as he will try to be good this time.

Ushna Shah has also uploaded a click on her Instagram which portrays some high-quality fashion and promising photography skills. 

In the latest picture, Ushna is wearing a light green attire which has white flower work done on top. The actress is sitting on a regal black and silver sofa while she poses with an expression portraying innocence and curiosity.

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Ushna chose to tie her hair up in a bun for this photoshoot while her face showcases a full on glam.