Imran promises ‘Oxford University’ in Pakistan

By: News Desk      Published: 03:26 PM, 23 Feb, 2020
Imran promises ‘Oxford University’ in Pakistan
File photo of Oxford University.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that soon Pakistan will have international level universities, adding “Soon we’ll make Oxford University in Pakistan.”

While addressing the students at NUML University in Mianwali on Sunday, PM Imran thanked the Boards of Governors and the Faculty of the University.

The light-hearted PM said to the parents attending the ceremony, “Don’t be so serious. Be happy as it is the day of celebration.”

On this occasion, PM Imran Khan, who always claims himself as an idealist, said to the students to follow their hearts instead of the mind, adding, “Whatever your heart says, influence your mind to follow it.”

He said that although science has achieved remarkable success, it has not been able to answer two questions: (1) what is the purpose of your life; (2) what will happen in the afterlife.

“Science cannot answer these two questions; only Islam and the prayers to God have the answer.”

The PM said that all the students should read the life of the Prophet to seek the light of truth. “But what I see that the students are finding inspirations from the biographies of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs,” adding that some of them he sees reading Donald Trump’s book in order to find how to mint money.

Imran Khan said it is not bad either, adding that the individuals should not lose hearts during adverse times. “Nor should they seek shortcuts. Instead, a man should make efforts to rectify, while soul searching, to find what and where did go wrong.” He said, “Only by doing this he becomes stronger than he was ever before,” adding that only difficult path leads to the ultimate success.

Imran Khan said that those who waver during the adverse times can never succeed, adding that the individuals should burn their boats in order to achieve their goals.