E-Library established at Orthopedic Department of Lahore General Hospital

By: News Desk      Published: 10:15 PM, 23 Jan, 2021
E-Library established at Orthopedic Department of Lahore General Hospital

Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute, Ameer Uddin Medical College Prof Dr Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar has inaugurated an equipped E-Library at the Orthopedic Department of Lahore General Hospital which will help young doctors to further promote medical education and research.

This E-Library will be heaving modern medical education for doctors and related "updates" will be included. Talking on the occasion, Principal PGMI said that the main objective of the establishment of E-Library was to ensure uninterrupted access to information and promotion of book reading trends.

He added that young doctors must take advantage of this facility as this E-Library will revolutionize and research in the field of medical education and medicine, as well. Prof. Al-freed Zafar announced that more facilities will be provided in the library to attract medical students while they will not only get the benefit but also provide the best possible medical care to as many patients as possible.

Prof. M. Haneef, MS Dr Abdul Razzaq, Dr Shehzad Ahmad Bosal, Dr M. Iqbal Mayo, Dr Sheraz, Dr Abdul Aziz, Fiza Sultana and others were present on this occasion.

Briefing the Principal PGMI, Prof Alfreed Zafar on the occasion, Prof. of Orthopedic Dr Muhammad Hanif said that this E-Library has access to 11,000 books/research papers simultaneously and to contact 700 consultants from all over the world for which online facility has been provided.

This is a new milestone that has been crossed by the doctors of PGMI and LGH which will play a significant role in the development of the medical field in the future, Prof Dr Hanif added.

Moreover, Principal PMGI/LGH said that e-library would prove to be a better means of direct communication with medical experts from developed countries around the world at home. He further said that today the whole world has become a "global village" and medical students of any country can benefit from the research and development in the field online.

It is noteworthy that the administration of LGH has taken full advantage of this opportunity to set up an E-Library so that local students can be aware of the latest research and "advancement" taking place in developed countries which indirectly benefits patients. This step has also been welcomed by the young doctors of the Institution and they have expressed keen interest in this E-Library of General Hospital.

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