Kubra Khan reveals her pivotal turning point

By: News Desk      Published: 03:25 PM, 23 Mar, 2021
Kubra Khan reveals her pivotal turning point

Filmstar Kubra Khan has revealed ‘diamond moment’ of her life which changed everything for her.

“I saw a dream that I was reciting Surah Ikhlas. The meaning of Surah-Ikhlas is basically your sincerity towards God. So after watching this dream when I woke up I felt that everything has become lighter and easy immediately. That dream actually became the diamond moment of my life which changed everything”, Kubra Khan, the dazzling star of the Pakistani showbiz industry touched upon the most crucial moment of her existence in ‘Ghabrana Mana Hai’ with Vasay Chaudhry.

Kubra Khan brought up her moment of prime significance by declaring: “There are a few moments in my life which are very special to me but I’ll share my dream with you which changed everything.”

Kubra’s sincere declaration has led us to believe that everyone has a prominent turning point in their lives and we should not cease to believe in the power of hope.