Priyanka Chopra's statement on Islam sparks widespread resentment

By: News Desk      Published: 11:35 AM, 23 Mar, 2021
Priyanka Chopra's statement on Islam sparks widespread resentment

Priyanka Chopra, a well-renowned Bollywood actress, is now also quite known for showcasing her media aptitude in Hollywood. 

However, the much-celebrated media figure is now being confronted by widespread resentment due to a statement she has made recently about being brought up in a secular family.

A little insight: Priyanka Chopra’s interview clips from Oprah Winfrey’s show are getting the ultimate attention on Social Media causing an outrage. The clips reveal Priyanka Chopra’s religious opinions and her being raised in a secular household in India. 

Priyanka Chopra casually started talking about how she has been brought up being influenced by various religions during the course of her life – starting from Christianity, on to Islam and finally Hinduism.

She passed a statement over how one can find many religions in India. 

Growing up in a Convent, she became accustomed to Christianity. 

Priyanka commented over how her father used to ‘sing’ in a mosque which made her accustomed to Islam. Finally, due to originating from a Hindu family Priyanka learned the teachings of Hinduism and became accustomed to them as well.

She declared that she has a rather vast understanding of spirituality as it is a vital fragment of her country.

Priyanka further declared that her father did not step back from teaching her about all religions "I am a Hindu. I pray and have a temple in my home. I do it as often as I can. But truly, to me, I am a believer that a higher power does exist and I like to have faith in that,” she added.

Priyanka’s controversial statements caused a viral uproar throughout social media platforms.

One of the reactions: “Old saying: little knowledge is a dangerous thing. She could have been better off talking about things she knows. In mosques, people pray and leave or attend the Friday sermon but nobody ever sings. Or are you confusing a dargah (shrine) with a mosque?

While addressing the issue on BBC, Priyanka Chopra confronted the outrage she receives, "I do notice a sense of protectiveness from a lot of people but also a sense of cynicism from a lot of people and a sense of negativity from a lot of people. Picking on me for no reason,”

“Why is it that you get so much negativity from your own community? Very few brown people are in the entertainment business; you can count us on your fingers. We're trying to create more opportunities for people like us so why is there so much negativity for us? When I started working in Hollywood I realised it`s not normal to people`s consciousness that a leading man or woman can be Indian in a mainstream Hollywood show.' I've started noticing the difference between fans who know me and are protective of me and they are the wind beneath my wings. I also feel disheartened and discouraged by the other side," Priyanka declared.