In conversation with ace therapist Dr Sheeza Mohsin on coronavirus

By: News Desk      Published: 01:07 PM, 23 May, 2020
In conversation with ace therapist Dr Sheeza Mohsin on coronavirus

As the world faces the pandemic together; we as humans have been jolted out of our comfort and thrown into a place filled with uncertainty.

Social media has been stormed with stories of how the current situation is taking a toll on a person’s mental health.

While there is so much more awareness about physical health tools today, safeguarding one’s mental health is a topic that we have not paid attention to as much as needed.

As Pakistan is growing its Mental Health Practitioner base, many professionals who are highly trained have hybrid careers where they work with clients in Pakistan from across the ocean.

Given the many questions that we wanted answered, we decided to reach out to the sought-after multicultural therapist, Dr Sheeza Mohsin.

She has many labels that identify her expertize, including being a Couples Therapist, a Public Speaker, Educator, and Leadership & Executive Coach.

Needless to say, she has recently added to her accolades, authoring her first book ‘Behind Closed Doors’; a self-help book aimed to help South Asians.  Here are some responses to the many questions she answered for us.

We’re really interested to know, what sort of issues are you coming across the most during COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has affected us in more ways than the obvious. Yes, there are some families that are doing well but many are struggling. On top of having financial and safety concerns, families are strained.

I’m seeing a strain in parenting, marriage, adult children, relationships and many more. On the more negative side there is domestic violence as the abuser is in closed quarters with the victim. It’s hard for everyone.

The big question, what exactly is therapy?  And who really needs it?

I don’t know anyone who will not benefit from therapy. Therapy if simplified, is getting to know why you are the way you are; what are the behaviours that you express that are not serving you well; and what behaviours you need to change in your life that will help you live your best life.

In worst situations, effective therapy can help de-escalate a situation or crisis and help people make less emotional decisions and not damage fragile relationships.

Can you share some common misconceptions/ generalizations you come across as a therapist?

There are quite a few. I can share some. The most common for marriage is, “if I go for therapy they will convince my partner I should divorce him or leave him.” People sit in toxic relationships and not getting help escalates their issues and they reach a stage where repair is not possible. Another misconception I get to hear is, “therapy did not work.”

What needs to be understood is, therapy is not something like a massage or a facial that you might get done.

Instead, therapy works more like the gym – you train your mind to behave in a way that it works different so your actions and decisions serve you and your family better. “I went to a gym and the gym did not work,” is unheard of. That’s cause like therapy, if you don’t work out, the gym will not work.

A message you might have for our readers who might be suffering from anxiety due to the increase in uncertainty?

You are not alone. This is hard. Keep remembering to see the difference between what is in your control and what isn’t. Focus on what you can do. Think and reflect before you act.

We are in this together. 

For all those interested to connect with Dr. Sheeza Mohsin’s you can log on to her website where you have the option of availing a free of cost 20-minute session over call.

She is also getting ready to launch her online learning program, so people can start healing in privacy, from the safety of their own home.

Follow her on Instragram and Facebook, where she regularly posts resources.