Actress Yasra Rizvi blessed with a baby boy

By: News Desk      Published: 12:54 PM, 23 May, 2021
Yasra Rizvi
A sight worth billions.

Pakistani actress and writer Yasra Rizvi has welcomed a new member to the family, she has been blessed with a baby boy.

Yasra Rizvi tied the knot with Abdul Hadi in 2016.

The couple developed a fast friendship after the bodybuilder’s interest grew towards Yasra and he thought she should shed off some weight as she was fat back then.

Though the Abdul Hadi is younger than the writer but that never stopped them from developing a beautiful chemistry and now they have been blessed with a baby boy which is a true blessing from God.

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The actress shared the news over social media with an exceedingly ‘heartfelt’ caption and the way it is written, we believe the caption is applause-worthy.

Yasra wrote,‘Ibn e Adam, you my love are the son of Adam, being human is your only introduction and serving fellow beings is your only purpose, rest is just detail, have a great life’.

Yasra believes her baby boy’s only introduction should be ‘being human’ and his purpose of life should only be to serve fellow beings.

What a beautiful introduction, Yasra!

She further added, ‘He was born at 9:50 am on 22nd May 2021’.

Yasra Rizvi’s son birth news might have been no surprise for many as the actress had previously shared pictures in which her baby bump was very visible.